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The alien adventures of Finn Caspian lots of books, lots of fun and a story that is out of this world. Hi, I'm Jonathan messenger and welcome to the alien ventures of Finn. Jonathan, you messed it up. Really why catchphrases supposed to take the place of what you normally say. But I have to say Hello to everybody. Who was that from? That was from Davy from Nashville, Tennessee. Pretty good, right. A really great catchphrase, but if we can make it a little nece, Jonathan censure, it'd be great. Well, how do I do that? He do less of the on Jonathan Hammadi blobby kind of thing. His one from our pal Cameron who wrote the catchphrase should be be lobbed, be bobtail slightly modified for Jonathan's toenails. Be my towns be by tales. He. Teams, but that sounds more like a bebop tales. Catchphrase Johnny, Johnny towns more boring than watching gardens. Johnny tells Johnny tales, Jonathan messenger, always fast. Johny. Okay. We was from Cameron to. Man Cameron? Well, I don't know about that one because again, these are not Johnny tales. These are the innovators of Finn Caspian and actually cameras set another one that you chose not to read about by notice and it goes the alien veterans have been Caspian. We're all listeners can have a say. I like that one. What do you think pretty good Riley from Colorado read this with her mom, Rachel. The alien adventures of Finn Caspian. The only podcast that's out of this world. Also Leah who's eight from Amsterdam. She also suggested a podcast that's out of this world. So I really liked that. Thank you to Riley and Leah for those suggestions how this journey today, the alien adventures, thin Caspi podcast for kids that has areas in it. I like that. It's very straightforward to the point. Just giving people the facts who send us that one was our pal at McGill. We'll great. All right. So this week the catchphrases a podcast for kids that has aliens in it. All right. We got a lot of submissions. We'll keep reading them. I promise we'll pick a new one for next week, but we gotta get into our resources. If you remember what happened in the last episode page, turn into some sort of magical being and then exploded. So let's see what happens. The page. This week's episode of the adventures of Finn Caspian things fall apart. Sale. You hit a magical brain said, page page. Remember when you asked me, if I get scared said fin, you're scaring me right now. Tugged on his sister. Say, I have a magical brain. You'll page say it and then page exploded filling the room with rainbow light. Say. Manageable, they heard page say, but no one could see her. The explorers were blinded pages. Light was so bright Abigail of ice and volley hit the floor covering their is Finn though. Squinted trying to find his sister page page. Are you there? He cried jumping and swinging his arms trying to find her how here said page. I actually, but also year I'm all round. I. Fin had no idea what page was talking about, but so long as she kept talking, he knew she was alive and okay or not. Okay. Exactly. But she was alive or at least existed or at least could talk that was something Finn, raised his hand. Can you see my hand page? He cried grab hold of my hand. Yeah. Your head said page. But no, I can't. I. What said fin beyond hands? Yes. Of your life. Dirt. I would. Finn was at a loss that was definitely page talking. No one else would turn into a being of pure light and then insult him in the same minute. But what is a being of pure light? Anyway, fin yelled Abigail who had stood up in was now squinting fin could see her as a dark silhouette against pages, rainbow light. You gotta go to the bridge. He kinda get your mom. We need help. Yes, in said, volley standing up and helping Elias to his feet to go. Tell your mom, your sister exploded into light. I'm sure that's gonna go over. Great. Wait, I have an idea, said allies. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Dashed out of the map room, closing the door behind him. So what said fin? We just stand here and pages light anyway. Can you dim it a little bit page is kind of hurting our eyes. Said, page house. This and the light shifted the purples, and blues took over making it a little darker in the room, a little easier to see while we're waiting for Elias said, Abigail, he ideas was going on here Finn I two wizards or sorceress, or whatever show up and use magic. And now page says, she actually is magic. What is happening. No idea said fin. Me neither said allies walking into the room. Whoa, page cool mood biting. All right. So I thought we could try this allies held up a canister. One of the small oxygen tanks. The astronauts used at unfriendly environments.

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