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Was foreign seven with a 6 24. Then he went with the Giants had a 3 42. And now the Braves. He's got a 7 20 again. So Gausman Smiley disco would Sanchez. They've somehow giving these guys a magic elixir and every one of these guys now that is a giant Is great, so So Are they doing something that other teams just weren't doing or do our teams able to do that? Because it looks like there's certain teams whether it's hitting or pitching that they have a staff that knows how to get the best of the guys in the giant seem to do that with pictures. Yeah. I mean, it's funny because all these pictures that come in here and they're turning their careers around and having some success or giving credit to the to the coaching staff, especially the pitching coaches. Um, You heard it from the school funny yesterday. Just the fact that I think I think a lot of it has to do with Farhaan and in getting these guys over here, knowing that they've had success in the past, they know when they're out their best and what they were doing well. They have the analytics. They have the spin on all their pitches, and when they're at their best what the shape of those pitches were, you know when you know what the sinker looks like what their fastball looked like when it was at its best. And then it's just a matter of okay, getting these guys on down year off it down years at it it a bargain and then getting them back to where they were when they're out there best I mean, that's easier said than done, but You. First of all one have had the guy's buying into it. And to, um you know, you have to have the data there that they can look at and and they can trust it so then go out there and they can have confidence to go out there and execute that. It could work on it on the side. So, um, it's good morning, said he's got a sinker back to where it used to be. You've got a shape on a slider back to where it used to be when he when he was at his best. I think the biggest thing is and I said it before the season even started that all these guys that they brought in have had success they can in the past. It's not like you're dealing with young guys have just kind of spun their wheels the last few years in the minor leagues or In the big leagues, and they haven't had success. Um or they just you know, or they're just young guys in general. They're there, guy there veteran guys that have had really good years in the past and Yeah, A lot of times it has to do with injuries. Last year, I think was just It was just a weird year in general. But if you could pick up some guys like they did, you know, based on, you know, last year's abnormalities and just just the weirdness of last year, and you can pick some guys off at bargain rate, you get him back to where they were. I mean, that's that's genius. And now you have Obviously have a lot of guys on one year deals, but you can speculate to what that might look like, come July, But the bottom line is is that they're doing what they need to do to get their careers back on track, and the Giants is an organization of benefiting. There's a couple of guys that are still a little concerned with Logan Web 17 scoreless and the bottom line is the bottom line. But he was all over the place and he was in his is His total pitch count versus how many were in the strike zone. You know, several, you know, hit two batters he had ball out of his hands to several Sean just were easy takes. Um, so and then the guy going tonight and I, You know, I don't have a problem with it. But Kay was pretty clear after his last outing that they're really concerned about the lack of velocity for Aaron Sanchez. And I don't know what he was thrown in that tryout camp. He had the showcase back in February, but he's nowhere near you saw it right away that he was down. He was in 95 96 97. He was low nineties. But then you notice when he got 3rd 4th inning Now he's in the eighties. Well, hell the other night. You started in the eighties, and he never got out of the eighties. So and there is an open. There's an open date on the schedule. For Thursday before they go to San Diego. God's middle pitch game. One part of me thinks you could skip Logan Web put him in the bullpen to fortify you know the right side there. But then you know that Aaron Sanchez would come back on regular rest on Sunday. So who do you want to pitch against San Diego Sanchez? Or would would be with a question Give me your thoughts and not Sanchez, our Web, not wood wood. What's not gonna pitch is gonna pitch Wednesday. Give me your thoughts about Webb, and he's still erratic. With this stuff, and then I know you're not concerned, but it sounds like they are that Aaron Sanchez, you know, can't break 90 MPH right now that maybe more on that shoulder that were We don't know about that. It could be so you know something of a foreshadowing that he's not completely over the shoulder problem. Yes, possible first about Web. I mean, definitely think he's working progress for sure. I Justus far is repeating his delivery. Um, you know, you can tell he really. He's really focused on mechanics when he goes out there and he knows we need to do Uh, you know mechanically to be consistent. It's not all the time that easy, You know, you go out there and you start you start to feel like you. You're in a groove in your bullpen sessions in between starts. He made them warm up so well and you get the game and you get that first shot of adrenaline. And then your body doesn't quite feel the way it did coming out of the bullpen and you start to overthrow a little bit. And all of a sudden now you're starting to your starting to throw the ball over the place. And you're like trying to find that arm slot, trying to find the right mechanics. Um, on the opposite side of that when you're like a disco Farney, who goes out there, He's not thinking about mechanics. You think about where he wants to throw the baseball period. It's almost like a good shooter like Steph probably build on a nightly basis. You don't care about what is the minutes look like when he throws up his three pointer. He's already he's worried about seeing the back of the ram in the ball going through the net, and that's always focused on But when you're a pitcher It starts to feel for mechanics that during the game you're more concerned about okay, I gotta get my balance point. I get to keep my friend shoulder online. I get him on his flight, and then you're thinking about that, rather than actually, what you needed now in executing a pitch is not a good place to be in. So I feel like Logan. Weapons at times gets in a nice rhythm mechanically, and he controlled the ball where you want to, But it's just not there consistently and that you know that that could be used. I mean, it really is. I mean, it's a lot of guys don't really Get into a good rhythm mechanically and feel confident with the mechanics until they pit for five years in the big leagues, But what I like about him is he's battling through it. I mean, he did that without seven show with that were seven innings the other night without having his best stuff and my best mechanics and he's finding a way to battle through it. And that to me that that's more the mental part of the game. I think that he's he's getting better at And he did anything to compete. He competes. He doesn't give in to the fact that okay, Yeah, I'm all over the place. Hey, feels like eventually he'll find it. And if you can't, then he'll just battle is butt off. T get get keep this team in the game, So I like that part of him. Um and I would feel confident pitching him against the Padres. I really would. He's not gonna get any better unless you unless you face is the best. That's when you find out what you're really made up. A Zafar Sanchez goes in the velocity, you know? Yeah, he's throwing 95 96 in the showcase, but that's expected. He's trying to get a job and you want his errant out for a short stint. Now he's Now we start to get constant wraps and shoulder probably little fatigue there by not pitching a whole lot of. Plus, he's pitching and colder weather. The probably you probably Maury fight probably feels a lot better physically on his pitching in some warmer weather. Um, I just look at Maura the action on his pitches. I look Atmore the finish. If he's still getting extension..

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