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Status McCotter, American greatness and India and the home line enters and that is Did you have a piggy bank has a child? Yes, And it was always empty except for some Fagel bottle caps that I accumulated. But Malcolm, I believe has found a 1200 year old piggy bank. If you get interest off the change in that I wish I wouldn't and I wish I could see it. But this is ah, wonderful discovery. There's a project to put in an elevator to make it the the Western Wall Plaza more accessible and eerie that John has worked on many times, But now they have developing this and in the excavations, they found the juggler. That's a small pottery jar. With four pure gold coins dating back more than 1000 years, 1200 years to the early Islamic period by the during the excavations that I just mentioned, and this is the first time in more than 50 years, then anything from the Ottoman period was discovered and it dates from 9 49 70. C E. And This was a time of radical change when Control over Israel passed from the Sunni Abbasid caliphate based in Baghdad to the Shiite rivals, The fact of the dynasty of North Africa who had just conquered Egypt, Syria and Israel in that era. You were minted in Ramla during the one Caleb and then others during a subsequent one, and the other two goals were mint in Cairo by Ottoman rulers. So this was a salary, perhaps for several months of an average worker, not of the elite, but of the average worker on and was a considerable sum of money for the population. At that time, the coins are From the Khalif Arun Al Rashid and I note, according to the note that you sent me Indiana He's a major character in 1000. And one night this is about as romantic as it gets gold coins from Scheherazade. They actually were during the periods of several, But you're right. These are people of historical significance. And you see that the one who ruled from till from 92 3 to 9 75. Um, the Ottoman rulers on Louise, then his successor, Al Aziz, Till 9 96, a name that also appears often in in history books. And the discovery is very unusual because about 50 years ago in the original Western wall discovers they found several coins from this Arab but nothing since then. And so when you I know that for people, this is hard to understand how archaeologists get so excited over each and every one of these discoveries, but they paint a picture for us about what life was like in that period. Also, Indiana come on. It's gold. That is greatest Indiana home line of the conference of President Inside Job.

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