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All right guys. We'll welcome back. We have a bonus episode today. This is not a normal day that we would release an episode. And it's not a normal episode We are in the midst of a quarantine as you know. You're probably home with your kids listening to this. So I have a special guest. Somebody that's never been on our data show before may introduce to you for the very first time weighing in at sixty pounds soaking wet four foot. Three I have no idea what you are. My son allies yellows hate. But how are you how are you? I'm good let me just this microphone. Voice Don get areas. That's good heritage's me and Elijah Elijah and I I in Elijah the two of us. We should probably work on some grammar this week. we had this idea to since we've been stuck in the house. It's only been like three days and we're already at the top of our Getting a little antsy so we had this idea where we thought we would have. Families data hired families memorize scripture together. one verse a week for however many weeks were in this whole thing and And so Elijah tell them a little bit about how this whole thing is going to work. What's the first thing that people need to do? So the first thing you WanNa do is memorize What the verse. We're GONNA give you so. Let's tell them what verse. It is. What I do they memorized this week. Joshua one nine Joshua one nine They won't be able to see this because this is a podcast so they can't see us. Should we read it for him? So the verse Joshua One nine says have a now commanded. You be strong encourage courageous courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not discouraged for the Lord. Your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua one not. That's right okay. So that's the verse. We're GONNA work on this week again. It says I have not commanded. You be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for the Lord. Your God will be with you wherever you go. Just real quick dude. What do you think that means? What do you think God was saying there? What does he wants to hear? Well I think it means that you shouldn't be afraid. Whatever you like run through and like I think God is always going to be with you so you don't have to worry and don't be afraid that's perfect. That's exactly what he's saying Is it kind of scary times? Some people kind of afraid right now with everything going on. Yes so it's it's it's easy to like watch the news and sometimes we watch the news and it's like Oh man that's kind of scary but we see God's say hey have I not commanded you be strong. Be Courageous courageous meets means have courage. Courage do not be afraid And do not be discouraged for the Lord. Your God will be with you wherever you go so we know even if we don't know what's ahead of us we know that God is always with okay. So that's the first thing we want everyone to memorize this verse. Verse will be memorizing together as a family this week. And then what's the second thing that they need to do? They need a Posted posted take video. And then what did take a video of your kid reading it. I mean memorizing it and You posted to dead tired kids so we created this group. We have a. We have a facebook group for normally for dad tire. Dad's but we created a dad. Tired Kids Group. So if you go to dad or if you go on facebook and you search dad tired kids and we'll put a link in the show notes here so you can click on that but you we've already got a bunch of people in this group already in their kids already started to work on this so if you're not in there yet jump in there. Today is Wednesday March Eighteenth So we'll have all week for the kids to take videos. And do you have a facebook now? I'll probably get grounded. Yeah if you ever get any kind of social media at all you will be grounded for life and if I did. I don't really know who I would have on facebook. I wouldn't really have anyone 'cause kids don't go to facebook and parents do but like I would just be going into facebook so it'd be kind of weird if you had to count and you're like adding people's parents 'cause you never know who's out there that's right that is exactly right so kids won't be able to probably don't have a facebook but we're going to ask the DADS to If you're listening to this take video of your kids only posted on the DAD tired kids group. It's a closed group for just the data listeners. And their kids but that way we can see all the other kids who are practicing this first together So upload the video of your child or children Sane this verse by memory and then And then what's the third thing that they need to do? What happens at the end of the week next week from now? What are we gonNA do when we look through? All these videos. I WanNa see the videos and we're GONNA see all the people who memorize the all the kids who memorized it and we're GONNA put all their names in This hat that and we're GONNA whoever gets picked out will be the winner and whoever's the winner will get a prize is it like while they win a new will we ship them Pencil No because they would not be happy with all the work they've done in basically something not could be that fun like putting all that work and you just want to Pencil So should we make huge like a house where they were in the house? No because they WANNA get to keep it for their selves. It's true and probably would be hard to ship a whole entire house just something smaller but like in between that kind of maybe a Lego set or something really fun. An art set or a Lego set. Boys girls anyone can enter into this and do this but we'll find a bunch of cool prizes and then we'll pick one winner every single week that we're all in this quarantine so again number one memorized. Joshua one nine we are using the NFC. Virgin you can use whatever version you'd like version Memorized Joshua one nine. Secondly go on the data kids facebook page and uplift upload The video of your child or children saying by memory can. Are they allowed to cheat? Like if you can have a bible behind the camera because if we saw the Bible behind the camera than knew for sure wouldn't get the price you got to memorize ak like do put in the work bro. So put in the work. Memorize it. You've got a week to do it. We recommend maybe doing a sentence a day and you should have it memorized. No problem and then Wednesday we will all these names and pick a name out and somebody will get to win a prize. We will go to the store before that. Pick out some really cool prizes ship. It out to you if shipping. If the post office is still open we will definitely get it out to you which we hope and believe that post offices will still be open all right. So that's your challenge for this week. Memorize averse as a family. Say By memory upload it and hopefully you get chose mic over. The Dad Tired Kids facebook group. Thanks for hanging out today..

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