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Only a man who was the subject of you'll so vein could have written i think a vanity project not quite as outlandish is this one is it i mean that's the end lang play isn't it can democratic senator comes in and saves a bright community and gets the lit he gets the kids off the streets i think at one stage it's the incredibly narcissistic i think but um and dated i think we've with saying it stated you know probably a few days after a lease it said if it's kind of a hollywood version of energy yes is like hollywood discovered hit pop in the '90s he's just read like a long read about civil rights issues and store awhile although referred to our bds always been quite socially i mean you mentioned reds voices begets that is true but this specifically earning in on this subject i in the way that he does add some of them was told me about his film saying they wondered whether the poster had an impact on the film's po box office because it is a a strange way the market foam is warren beatty in his hip pope regalia kind of emerging from his own spitting image me out of it is very strange as it was the recco much the scream in that building fetal tissue their court horrific gave away this is quite an arresting a not particularly what's the tagline image the title on his brace yourself this politician is about to tell the truth which if you wanna say in a warren beatty doing a hip voice mirror in your had may be with the image of the post of works roy but you know we too are by map pierce the no nine or told by being quite dated film by actually in other ways with message what is actually sang is not that it is totally relevant data and actually i think that such an interesting thing about the foam is the what was really receiver well at the time people do we know what to make of it it performed quite poli the box office and somehow its message is as kind of we have grown slightly and in terms of its scope and its and its way and while he's actually say.

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