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Yes, he did play kidding dumpings better. I think everyone can be better at job coaches to the players the GM to the president's own everyone can do better. No one is sick. We don't have to meet more just to be a better person a better coach better of south corner. Keep us out. I think Brett is progress every year that he's cutting telling a lot of people wanna type to the miseries when he didn't have a good Rosser think he's gotten far. I think he's doing good job. Now was interesting is. He's only had ten games with the new new roster intact. So with that being said what that is. He has to learn to make adjustments to not just please. Owner president of general manager pleases players and capable of that. Yes, he is because the playoffs. So I hope Brown wasn't a best luck and game seven. I think he's a good coach moving back to game seven, Mark. We know what drives the train for the Sixers. It's the good play of Joel Embiid Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons and then for the raptors Colli Leonard, the former finals MVP has been sensational averaging thirty four points per game. And Siaka also has been great for then averaging twenty one points per game. I know it's so tough to try to stop them. And you're not gonna stop them. But if you seen anything so far that makes you think the Sixers could do this to try to slow them down in a game seven. You got teams at disclose where? Clear horn of floor, only, prevail. Now with that being said can they slow down collide up leave? They think they gotta know Faris. What are your force them to get tired and four south pole? But that being said, they hope CRM, Marcus soul. Don't you going? Fails of serious, and I think that's six Wednesday guy. I think it's really really important to make photos of guys don't get. And they can do that. Or at least they got short with seven sixty come home prepare for the next. You mentioned those other guys I think the point production in this game from JJ Redican Tobias Harris of the Sixers and then Danny green Kyle Lowry for the raptors is going to be big. I don't think it will decide the game. But I do think it will play a factor who do you give the edge for from behind the arc is it Redican harassed or is it green Lowry coming up later this evening. Do. The whole deal. Picking but also with every say any greener stroke, but he's only had a couple of years. But I'm thinking to me any wonderful sooner. He's a wonderful wonderful playmaker. And underrated be fifty. Playoff series lane. They can have it difficult for scholars. Say. I'll think the. Agreed. And we'll be away for me to come play. His in game seven talking to Mark Jackson right now from NBC sports, Philadelphia. The former seventy six or big man also did spend a short amount of time with the Golden State Warriors. Let me ask you about another one of your former teams in the Golden State Warriors. They found a way to win that series and go back to the Western Conference final even after losing Kevin Durant in game five, and then Steph was awesome in game six especially in that fourth quarter scoring twenty three points. And then on the other end. Here we go again with Houston. They had a shot to take down the defending champs. They came close. But no cigar. How do you react? What happened between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. Hey, I like overstaying coming on what? Kevin durant? Why do I think they won't because they want to dollars? Series. Standoff..

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