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Alighting of two power play goals tonight and leave three. Nothing was 17 46 left of the second. Well, it was a good played by KU dropped and there was nothing Halacha doing this one. And this was a blast. Okay, folks, it was a blast. Nobody was their cologne was Danny, right in front of the loch Could drop goes back to circuit. And he just beats a lot. We just beat him. Nah, it doesn't touch anybody, and it just beats a lot. Ooh! Chauvin Point assists. Abraded point has pointed in every game, but one since the round robin began. Between the glove and the top of the left path and lightning have doubled their power play goal total there, too, for three tonight. They have a three Nothing lead buckets in the Laney and filing a David Creature face up when And crew lifted it down the ice hit a stick that went out of place. I'm not sure where they're going to space off depends where it hit. The steak was hard for us to tell watching monitor, right? But you know, the good thing about this is I mean, he was Wide open, but he just beat him. Beat him with that shot, completely beaten circuit chips first goal in this playoff year shot Kirk a pass out of his own and is blocked by Russ came out across wives back in, said earlier port chipped after gold here David created to steal from shot Kirk in the right corner. With precautionary corner You stripped by Blake home near side, Gord back for Coleman, Crank it out. Taking this crazy left wing. It's grizzly back roads lead back to the lighting and Lapointe green up in lightning early second across Open right corner centers. That creature got deflected away. John Moore, right point shot blocked in front Lighting player went down hard. Come out of his own, though. I think it's Coleman. John more rumbling back in the middle of centre ice. Got fresh guys up in the hospital across the bullet right circle. Steve's with it, Foster. What's it toward Bergeron in the slot office stick? We need to be hard on the puck here. Posture knock is able to reel it in and left circle. A little drop. Eternal appointed crew shoots a maid, Kozlowski Johnson, the rebound of the middle Cirelli to center. Right wing Alex Port three. Lightning early second one's rally, Right circle. You got checked. You know the pocket. They call another penalty on Boston, Sara Lee's dispossessed by McAvoy. McAvoy launches it down the icers Martian across the blood on Bogosian. Penalty coming anything, lady. Marsanne went down a big ocean. Got a stick in the skate. So now the Bruins get their first power play opportunity and let me go on the Massey Services penalty killed. Yeah, he tried to penalty for tripping, tripping. He got Cozy and nets. Marchand Marshon is one of the trickier guys. No doubt about this because you got a stick right in between was good. Drove that blocked That shot. Hopefully will be okay for this penalty. Kill. Still, it's just kind of takes the face of Windsor replay turning around the far side down, knocked terrible. I slide birds rod with cross a Martian right corner, little past block moment. Judges for turning behind that now to Victor Hedman has time on the left wing. To scoop it out with a job Well done by those three guys won the faceoff connection. I've got that. All right off the face of 1 35 in the penalty. Crude hospital possible on outside Crazy Right circle. David Krejci looks to center. It crew had it bounce off stick by trying to get it out through. Got a stick in the way. A battle ensues along the far boards. Three lightning penalty killers were there. Hopefully they come up with this and that Well, they'll slide it down the ice towards run back to get it. Cats on his tail. My cat forces it into the right corner. Text Berg drive a pasta knock, provide support. Lift it out to center ice. Shana blocks it, but it comes back to posture. Not 105. Penalty across the blue line on pocket couldn't clear hit a Bruin and Helden version I slide right psycho crazy CenterPoint pasta. Lexical crew. Rory crew on the power play. Lines. Two Martian right corner, Or is it a crazy right circle? I slide posture, not approve, Shoot score, Marshall, and it was tipped on the way in after the lightning had and man I hate to say the word easy, but it was a fairly routine opportunity to clear they didn't get it done. And again, it ends up in their net Marcia and standing in the same spot that he scored two goals last game. Great to the left of the goalpost. And that's their play. He's written and it's the same thing. He banks it off Escape. Yeah, Amazing. I mean, this is instant replay. Yeah, same ones. The other game. Same one is the other game, lady. We're in good shape on that penalty kill, but You can't give this team easy chances. No, what? You have an opportunity to make clear lady. We're making it difficult on the Bruins getting back in After they cleared it a couple of times. But a one armed Cleary attempt got blocked and marshy and scores To get the Bruins on the board. It is his seventh goal of the playoffs. Boy, I'll tell you what. That's a big goal. Krug, I think that the assistant you wanted The Bruins have a power play goal in all three Games in the series just shot a crew going back to the dress. But Martians players right there. He's always has got to be on that guy. You gotta do something. Because it's like a tap in and twice bounce right off his skate into the net. I couldn't tell version on touch it on the way to the net, but apparently he did it to Wagner and point at center ice. So the Bruins again making two golden wider, wants to face McAvoy in his own zone. Proven possible assist really been in terms of lacking points of the series seven points now, in a four game point streak. Oil lighting at Charlie Coyle study full wide left comes to chop This is to point out to center ice Grated point speeds across the Boston line, right circle shoots. He scored on that move before now, the rebound who is touched by coil, and we have Shannon Charles jostling. Back in the lightning. It 14 30 left in the 2nd 31 Lightning. I don't know what both going to get penalties. I didn't see how this happened. Shen takes Charo. Good player that I see the net came off. Ascends now one to back down from anybody..

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