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To perform at Caesars Windsor on January twenty six tickets start at thirty three dollars resell begins on Friday with tickets going on sale to the public on Saturday at noon indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring were business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions and sort of you and communicate with candidates from an online portal learn more E. dot com slash five we have big traffic and weather for times that now and James Johnson on the patriot act of one one five and a half for the holidays at Macy's time to shop for thousands of gear up for the party see that I had with a touch of sparkle four hundred ninety nine dollars for him from club room how funny just nineteen ninety nine and six seventy five percent off Fairfield swear collection sheet set to make the guestroom extra cozy rewards members can get that now through Sunday prices if they just apply only well and Laura Dern one are you happy to see me again today is free on NBC for tonight news for Steve Johnson opens up about a very personal health battle to manage you can live with or can be extremely debilitating his candid conversation with during kensler on in this I've got a part in order to help others find it tonight at.

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