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It's free talk live. You can join us here on the radio or toll free number is eight, fifty, five, four, fifty free like freedom. That's eight, five, five, four, five, zero, three, seven, three, three, joining you in the studio here tonight it's Ian. And Chris and Nobody you weren't at tonight's Crypto meet up at Chris and I were and it was a really good one. We it was. It would have been small. Had it not been for the four visitors who came in to from New York to from Massachusetts? WHO WERE I? Don't know if they were all so called free status but there definitely liberty migrants and interested in migrating to New Hampshire for more freedoms actually had seven people I think attending tonight. So three locals and then four actually more attendees who were outside from outside of the area. Then we did Kinda Sad. Oh Wow. It was good. It was fine we yeah time. And that's not a long established gathering not so it's It's like Social Sundays as a long tradition behind it and we actually told them there would probably be more people `Social Senate does change from week till. We know it's sometimes you get twenty five people sometimes you to. Social Sunday Selena. During pork yes. Social Sundays tends to lean more towards I would say five to eight on the low side, and then twenty four on the higher side is what we saw over. The last month has been a lot more people have been coming here into New Hampshire because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of where they're from in this case, a couple from New York. Had left the upstate. New York after I guess there was some sort of a mandate by the governor about vaccines and they've got kids and so that pushed him over the edge and what the the father told us was that he was doing a lot of research and he found that one hundred one reasons, liberty lives in New Hampshire video. That you know it's five years old at least I think six years at at this point. It came out in two, thousand, fourteen at. This film though I'm not going to say it's timeless. I'M GONNA say that it's it's an. Hour and a half it's it's history. It's only about an hour actually. Okay it's. Timeless but it is a piece of history and and there's a lot of stuff that's still true about it. So it's it's still it motivated them to say it's not dated. It's obviously going to be the day as soon as you out of date as soon as you make but that's not the point. The point is it's the general message and that's never going to be out of date. Yeah. The message of Migrate Freedom Lovers to the same place. Here's what's already happened circuitry fourteen, which was a lot in two, thousand, fourteen, hundred, of course, it's more now. But it's really cool to see people still coming here and still justice covering this because for these folks I didn't get the impression that he had had really hurt us for for very long that that it was sort of a new threat they were. Like Oh my God the the state wants to force vaccinate US we're out of here and A lot of people and we need that because there are not enough libertarians now in the United States. To make the United States, libertarian not at all by any stretch of the imagination but there are more than enough libertarians in the United States to make New Hampshire Libertar- doc I hope Libertarian because New Hampshire is is probably the most freedom friendly of all of the states excluding the Kobe crackdown where it's not. The problem is that you need to get them to move. This thing is their governments are doing good. They are driving. Visitors recently it's super interesting. I didn't realize how bad it wasn't bad gotten in other states like I was talking to a dozen people just I think yesterday about how I don't think a single person actually had a job like they had all water their jobs and there's going to be like half a dozen I think maybe more people visiting keen about two weeks from now just because people you know just people I have I don't even know them no of them coming here. Yeah I mean it's Yeah I. mean. I was part of a group that somebody I didn't mean to I didn't know any of these people I still don't really know any of these people but they're all people who are liberty people and they know about New Hampshire or the migration moving some of them until just recently. Yeah. I just heard of it and I was introducing him. Yeah. No. It's it's just a it's like a Freedom Group to. Form. Cells. Not. Exactly. The group here. So even though I do. As a matter of fact they they may. Sell Four, one, one when I'm done. Yes. Yes. Exactly. That group so. Yeah and I was just blown away that like I thought you know I started a conversation with them and thinking like Oh these people are already in New Hampshire based on what I'm hearing and. I thought it was kind of Weird W. it was like they don't seem to a whole heck of a lot about freedom and then I realized Oh wait a minute where are you guys all from and they started? Freedom in books yeah. Exactly and it was like it was like, New York and New Jersey in Florida and just all of Connecticut and it was like Oh no single. What have you heard New Hampshire, and you don't even know what the project is or that like like there's a migration movement going on or anything, and then I started telling them like different stories about it and like within a matter of like an hour, you know there are probably about six people who are literally talking about look. They're gonNA come up and visit next week these two weeks we're blown away I mean th th the people from New York York is the Fiftieth Fiftieth most free stay right lane. It's not free at all. It's like the least free of all dates and and these people were just amazed at the just the difference between what it was like where they were from and what it's like just by moving down two hours east basically, they were from eastern part of of New York didn't even have to go that far. But they came out today I. had a good time at our our crypto meet up and I just I I love that we're seeing a larger number of people come in. This has been I would say a banner year. I would say two thousand, twenty compared to last several years twenty twenty. We've had more visitors here than I would say in the last. Half people hot to move I'm I'm beginning to like the crackdown Down over the past your you know because the motivator a motivator for people you know to wake up and get their act together in start moving. But the problem is they're cracking down in New Hampshire to and automating people are. Putting a stop to that a good way to cut our candidates. People. Yes. People wake up here. Yeah. Yeah. We're going to have to have some noncompliance. I'm not. Yeah. I'm not under the machine. Okay. So I'm not under the illusion that we can make a difference right now in regards to all the stuff that they're doing but I think you know once you get more people moving in the course of you know maybe the next twenty years, we could put a stop to take twenty years to roll them. I, don't think that's GonNa be the case but I'm just saying I think the next time they try it's getting worse here. Now they're the governor saying we announced this on the show last night he's saying to restaurants that they have to start asking people for their name and phone number well when they come into terrestrial. Vermont frightened. And Vermont by the way starting up you. Just announced that they're locking down quarantine on anyone going in and out from Vermont to New Hampshire. Sense because there's like third least infected stay it doesn't matter in the United. They don't care about doesn't matter but but it's just you've got to I mean Hodel controlling that out is is important I think because you just ain't. None of it doesn't do hate old but. I. Love My parents.

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