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Twenty four seven news center, a bizarre and brutal crime spree in Bellingham Bellingham man is dead after a stranger suddenly attacks him, and then police say the same man attack to other people, and it all happened in broad daylight. Komo's Suzanne Phan has more on the investigation. Disabling those who live by the trail off. Meter avenue are stunned by the news. It happened where lots of people walk and run. There have been very few problems in that area. Police say a man attack three different people. He didn't know on Saturday morning. The first incident was around eleven AM stranger hit a woman in the face on Lakeway drive near the Fred Meyer store and took off on a bike a few minutes later, just a few blocks away. Police say the same attacker seriously hurt man, you're Lincoln Potter street. Soon after that about an eighth of a mile away. Police say man was badly hurt on a trail near meter street. Several people in the area at the time believed the man had been stabbed. He died before police arrived, James York says his sister was running along the trail with her dogs when she encountered the injured man police she came back a strong with help from witnesses police later found the attacker and arrested him not far from his apartment. Police say the attacks were all random, but still no word why they happened. Meanwhile, several neighbors say the attacks won't scare them issues. Pretty common. Buydell. Safety issue. Branding. And the man accused of the attacks is now in jail. He now faces murder and assault charges..

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