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Now, he's at that point in his career. And he's looking for the next destination, which probably is LA the Lakers that in wit. Lebron go get him a championship. Why not like I I'm from Louisiana. I would love for the pelicans the be great court New Orleans marketing, I know compete with LA and this new whether they trade him this year or. Next year free agency, eighty gome. Oh, he's gonna get traded, months and months and months go. Here's like eighty is going to be in the Lakers. And it was so long ago that it sounded crazy. I love the more that happens. It's like, oh, yeah. He is going to be going in the Celtics all of the Celtics can put together trade package. Well, guess what? Rich Paul does it gets in the day and age you can train for my guy, but he out leaving. So there's accents. And it doesn't make sense of trade him. I really think he will be on the lake. I think gentleman's right about Rich Paul out here getting numbers. I love Rich Paul would affect I loved so much. Oh, I watched the board of athlete. It just made me feel so good is good. Good. Because I can't last sometimes you have to look in the mirror and say, I was wrong about things win LeBron James left. The Goodman brothers nervous about our homeboys. About it. I was like I don't know about this. And now, I look back and be like, I was wrong questioning that the thing is cold. When you look at eighty signing, we Rich Paul. And when you look at everything that's lineup. Don't think that New Orleans. Don't see the writing on the wall. Of course, they've already they are. They are ready devising the plan for the aftermath of a departure by eighty which is fine, which is fine. But you can't blame eight eighty has put in work in New Orleans, and they and they went to the playoffs. But he ain't sniffed where he could go. If he paired with another superstar and do like to go win it in LA possibly with LeBron. And then think about this cold is his team after LeBron league is the beat a man in LA like shack, my guy shack might do. Right. He was there with Kobe sodas spotlight was share. But when you that do in LA, then you can't do like is yours would shack went to LSU. Yes. What's checks on campus? Check the man, bro. He is. He's a check of mayor. The. I don't think we appreciate him not in nether side of the amber with a lot of people. Like, honestly, I'm not never with a lot of people. But between like I know to Charles Barkley like both of them to them them. My geez, man, we talk and I asked him questions, and you know, what are you doing shagman doing what he doing? But we have these basketball conversations because I I love hope dude. Like who is my favorite thing to watch. Like, I know that's crazy today. I watched football like love football. But when I'm watching basketball, I can enjoy watching it when I'm watching football. I'm always like why are you do that by now? I mean, that's when I get a chance to talk the truck shake about breaking the game down. And then when I'm topping with Jalen about the game and Jay wheel as well. Like do who around four NBA players like on a daily or who has to have access with all this going on to? And they were like look eighty is probably the second best player in the league. That's as. Debatable. It's debatable. But he's top five. He's top five. No matter. What I tell people is bunched up right after the LeBron stuff Ron land Stevenson. And then, you know, we don't say after the James Harden's always in the conversation about being one of the best in the league. Yeah..

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