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So I was excited to see that the fact that they were able to force the turnovers that they did in the first half that was a positive step form as well. This this team tends to build as the season goes on and it looks like it like it's looking past. The passing game looks excellent, the offense because the passengers been so so good hasn't really mattered that much last couple of weeks. They haven't had a super -ffective running game James. Connor after that first. Awesome week he's twenty three carries for seventy eight yards, but they're scoring a ton of points. They scored thirty seven against Kansas City. They scored thirty last night. The offense been fine. There's right now. I would say two issues with the team. One is the defense as a whole. The last couple of weeks has not been able to get stops particularly through the air. And the other one is very odd for Mike Tomlin team. The penalties they only in his eleven years leading up to this year. They'd only been top ten in the NFL one time this year, their first with a bullet as a head coach, how how much of being a highly paid allies team is on the head coach, how much of it is on just the small sample size. Bad luck beginning of the season. Like how much would you lay at Tomlin's fee? Because he was getting a lot of criticism during the broadcast and during the week about how highly penalized they were before the game. And then during the game, they had won a dozen penalties. So the death gave early about earlier about penalties where where did time when rank over the last ten years? He's only been in the top ten once in eleven years. They've never been a highly. Okay. So those other ten years, we're going to give him credit for only with. I think that I think that Tomlin hasn't changed his. Philosophy in terms of penalties or the way that he handles penalties, and he's shown a track record to be very efficient and good in that area. Do I think that he's happy with where are no, of course he's not happy with where do I think he's going to stay Pat and accept those penalties? No, he definitely is in. It's a priority at obviously, has been a priority because he's been so successful with it, and I'm sure he's a dressing. It consistently do sometimes get those penalties and munches. Yeah. Now now how you address them if some guys are getting too often, you may have to sit him down and play somebody else. Yeah, I'm concerned about their defense. We always talk about their offense. They have the big stars on offense, but this is not Pittsburgh Steelers, like giving up the number of big place, not been able to hold a twenty point lead ended into the game ten. We could have easily been talking about men. The Pittsburgh Steelers lost game after having a twenty point lead secondary, I'm concerned about it. Ardy burns on the right side. You can see the Tam. Obey has been targeted him. Teams have been targeted him since he came into the league dumb, two thousand sixteen from university Miami, a first round pick. So typically they get great results out of their draft capital. They're not getting that in the secondary, and that's been a problem. You happy enough and confident with their offense to be able to withstand whatever they take, whatever the holes they have on their defense. I was on a great prolific oftens. They weren't rather than our offense. And we two times did not score thirty points and we lost both of those games. One week number eight. In Tampa Bay, we lost Tony dungee and the Warren Sapp John Lynch team, and then we lost falcons doing the dirty bird NFC championship when we failed to score thirty points. So you win a lot of a lot of games, but it's hard to win a championship. And in fairness to them though they have played Tampa, which is he's hung four hundred yards all played Kansas City. They're pretty explosive as well. Does that give them a buyer an excuse? No, not at all. They need to find out. Who they are this year and and he's changed a lot of things over time with the Steelers defense for years. The Steelers were always as zone blitz, multiple zone blitz, primarily eight in the box team. He's incorporated more men. Men might Tomlin he's incorporated more cover to those things have never been part of the system..

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