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Fifty thousand dollars are available join us and make a difference apply today at rtx dot com slash cybercareers when traffic is at its worst wtop is at its best i just wanted to thank the people who have been doing this person live reporting i'm a millennial so we are used to looking up the news on our phone and then i realized i was like wait wtop breaking news traffic traffic on the interloop is beginning to move they were the only source of help that i was able to access news wtop everything you need every time you listen great to have you with us it's eleven thirty eight time for traffic and weather on the eights brita kessler in the wtop traffic center well let's start out on the beltway looks like it is now both directions of beltway the that are slow headed toward georgetown pike you should find the work set up along the right side in both directions definitely on the outer loop side that delay on the outer loop is after the merge with the two seventy spur interloop delays are out of tyson's near route also seven in the outer loop through lanes at route one in alexandria the work on the left side delays continue grow to trying to get into and through alexandria in the district outbound new york avenue delays begin near south dakota avenue headed toward the anacostia river that should be a single lane getting by the work also uh southbound dc two ninety five heavy from burrows passing east capitol street northbound slows approaching and passing pennsylvania avenue in maryland it is southbound on the baltimore washington parkway between one ninety five and route one hundred there had been a debris along spill the right side connecticut avenue at the beltway uh... traffic lights are malfunctioning in sort some of way not quite sure what's going on there with those traffic lights but watch out not sure if there's any direction there but that can cause things to back back up pretty quickly also southbound ballinger creek pike at solar x court the crash had been reported along the right if you're in virginia northbound ninety five near the centerport parkway the crash cleared the delays is ease but where you are finding the slowdown northbound is after you cross the aquan headed in through lorton after lorton road put the work in the right lane southbound to some volume crossing the aquan stringfellow road at poplar tree road you're under police direction for the crash with the overturned vehicle and northbound i -81 in winchester at route seven exit three the fifteen crash finally cleared the lanes are open but boy there's still going to be a sizable backup hey maryland do you have questions about safe and responsible cannabis use visit cannabis .maryland .gov to learn more message from the maryland cannabis administration i'm rita kessler wtop traffic the seven news first alert forecast from eileen wayland clouds will give way to sunshine as we head through your lunch hour and afternoon highs today in the mid to upper 80s

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