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With each revisit. Justin chang is film critic for the la times. He reviewed the new pixar film. Luca and the german film own dina coming up. We hear from renee elise goldsberry. She won a tony award for her portrayal of angelica schuyler in hamilton and a grammy for her work on the cast. Recording goldsberry is now one of the stars of the new comedy series girls five. This is fresh air weaken. This message comes from. Npr sponsor capital one with no fees are minimums on checking and savings accounts spanking with capital. One is the easiest decision. Kind of taylor swift choosing a cardigan on a chilly day and with their top rated app you can deposit checks and transfer money anytime anywhere making capital one and even easier decision. That's banking reimagined. What's in your wallet. Terms apply capital one. Na member fdic. This message comes from npr sponsor. Virgo your family. Reunion is more important than ever. that's why bourbeau has private whole vacation homes for the whole family and just the family shared room or spaces so whether it's around the pool grill or patio. Your family will have the space and privacy to finally reconnect. Download the verb. Oh app the time for getting back together is now this message comes from. Npr sponsor. Mail chimp who knows that writing an email that gets customers. Attention is easier said than done. That's why mailchimp chimp offers smart recommendations to improve email open rates more at mail chimp dot com slash smart marketing. Our guest renee elise goldsberry when a tony award for her performance in hamilton and a grammy for her work on the cast recording. She's now one of the stars of the new comedy series girls five ever that's available on peacock. nbc's streaming platform. She spoke with fresh. Air's emory bolden auto. You probably already know renate least goldsberry from this out that's her playing angelica schuyler in hamilton. She was also in the broadway productions of rent the color purple and the lion king she was on. Tv shows like ally mcbeal and the good wife and the soap opera one life to live and now she gets to show off her comedy chops not to mention her ability to parody nineties pop songs in a new show called girls five aba. It just got renewed for a second season. So here's the plot. It's about a one. Hit wonder girl group from the nineteen nineties whose members have dropped out of music and have pretty much been living in obscurity. One of them's even a dentist. But when a hip hop artist decides to sample one of their old songs people remember they performed together for the first time in decades on a late night show and end up deciding they wanna keep performing. They fire their sexist manager who took advantage of them when they were younger and decide to write their own new songs. They wanna make music again as a group even though the odds are against them the executive producer of girls. Five ebba is tina fey. And you can tell the jokes come fast and feminist and the songs may feel like you know them from the nineties but the lyrics make fun of misogyny of those times goldsberry plays the character wicky. Who tried to hold onto the success and fame with a solo career but it never took off she still pretending to be a social media influencer but in reality. Her job is shooting geese at the airport so when the group gets the second chance. Wiki thinks that finally the world will recognize her talent in this scene. Waikiki trying to convince her bandmate played by sarah. Sarah's to get the group back together. I was never done with music. Okay after i went to solo the label decided i was difficult just because i let my backup singers wear makeup and refused to play venues. That also did sports. I thought there's little think of stuff is going to be my ticket back to the fame and the lifestyle i am owed because of the voice odd alpa renee elise goldsberry. Welcome to fresh air. Thank you. I'm so happy to be here. Can you describe your character. Wicky roy wicky is desperately in need of a second chance. She is a woman who believes that stardom was destined for her and she also is under the misbelief that she needed to climb over everybody along the way to achieve her dreams and when we meet her we discover that that did not work out for her and she has a pretty hard lesson ahead of her to figure out how to turn. I think what is a beautiful talent away from being something that's cancerous in her and into something that really lifts her and everyone around her up as high as possible. I think part of the reason why people love this series is the songs they sound just like. They're supposed to sound john wise. They sound like songs from the late nineties. Early two thousands from girl and boy groups but they also make fun of the lyrics. Do you have a favorite song of the ones you saying. Oh my gosh dream girlfriends. Is this one song dream girlfriends. 'cause our dads are dead so you never have to meet them and get asked why you left school like they're just so very calm the line about tarantino like i love tarantino i like stand up but not by women like every single song from the split need to famous five ever. You know. there are just so brilliantly constructed they walk this line between being real songs that somebody would put out in the ninety s like you said making fun actually kind of making us aware of some of the ridiculous things that we might have thought but also being just good enough to be to make it on an album but you understand why it didn't make it as a hit. One of your breakout moments was in a production at shakespeare in the park. The musical two gentlemen of verona. And you've got great reviews the times called you. What is it. I can tell you well. Whatever time spark plug of musical wit and vitality. I believe this. The show. Shakespeare in the park white year is a two thousand and five two thousand five. So why did that show was the impact on your career. It was huge. It was huge. I remember when i got the soap opera. I was still in the soap opera. At the time i remember. My fear of the job was that i would be not written for but in a contract where i i was just sitting there and i couldn't do anything else and the beauty is the opposite happened. They did end up writing for me. And i had an opportunity. My executive producer. Frank valentini used to let me do all the theater in the world. He's made it work. And kathleen marshall cast me to play. Sylvia in two gentlemen of verona opposite norm. Lewis with rod dawson and oscar. Isaac there. I was in the show because kathleen marshall took a chance on me from my audition. I was nobody and she created this amazingly interesting fantastic character..

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