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Bam Gordy, along with Pauly danger of the dangerous alliance last week we heard of a business arrangement that YouTube gentlemen have struck with Pauly dangerously. What's going on, bam, bam. Well, Jim, I think Paul Lee and the rest of the world knows just what doctor death Steve Williams Terry bam bam Gordy has done. We have did something no other tag team has ever done when we combine these two titles right here together right now. That's right. Let me tell you one thing pilot let's get it straight by the time we come back from Japan. We don't even want the stars to even be around. So what's the deal? What the deal is is exactly this. You see duck and Gordy have had no competition here in America. They are the World Tag Team champions and the only team that's been a thorn in their side of middle Steiner brothers. This diamond brothers who stole the world tag team titles from Bobby Eaton and arn Anderson and we never got our rematch 'cause they lost the titles to Doc and Gordon. So we'd love to bust a Steiner's face just like that for the hell of it, but oh no. Let's see what we're gonna do Steiner brothers. We're gonna take the many, many yen that dock and Gordy have offered to bob Eaton and arn Anderson. And we're gonna bust your faces and eliminate you from WCW. So that you can never ever challenge him again for all the yen in the world and one other thing. If you doubt us Steiner brothers, well Bobby eating an on Anderson are capable of you watch this next match and I promise you one thing Doc and I promise you one thing bam bam, you will not be disappointed but that's for you pillman and that's for you the best going you steiners. You better pay very, very close attention. And now ladies and gentlemen, let's go to the ring. Ladies and gentlemen, good stuff

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