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Jim Thome e the hall of Famer will join us coming up mclovin. What's poll? Question two? Can we ask just get it out. There is an Olympics hurting baseball, yes or no. I mean, we had yesterday the pitcher's getting pulled. The lefties aren't starting, feels like things are getting weird. Paralysis by analysis. Sometimes I blame Tony LaRussa. You don't want somebody calls you a genius, then you gotta keep living up to the genius. Because I don't think that Tony LaRussa could ignore analytics. No, you're I always thought, you know, when when a manager says, I have a gut feeling I'm comfortable with that. That's that you're feeling with your team in that moment? I'm comfortable with that. It just feels like, gosh, do we send Kirk Gibson to the plate? He can barely walk. He can barely swing and he's gonna face a hall of Famer in Dennis Eckersley. Now not don't think we're going to send Gabi to the plate here the computer says no, with a guy who's going to the, but you know what the giveaway would have been when geeze using a Walker to get to the plate. That's when you probably thought now this wouldn't be a good idea. Yes. Mclovin that's actually that was an analytics. He's a lefty. If you can get a lefty out on, if you can take him on a stretcher analytic, say, put him out there lefty writing all, yeah, you had your match up there. All right. Jim Thome as working for the major league baseball network coverage from Fenway begins today at three and will feature MLB tonight airing before and after every game they do a great job and it's good to have the hall of Famer back on the program. Jim good morning. How are you. All it's great. How's everything? It's been a long time. My friend other than gold. Great. Yeah. We're just trying to figure this out with the analytics that when you know that you have Chris sale on the mound, the dodgers go all right handed. So I got three guys who hit at least twenty five home runs, and I got the analytic saying, I can't put them up there against Chris sale. What do you make of this. Well, look, I think the analytic have been a big part of where I think we've become where we're heading forward, and it's it's about numbers by the way I would send you be up there just so you know, okay, I was upset and he'll be, I would have seen give up with as they did as Tony as you know is Tommy Lasorda did at the time, but you know the the analytics are interesting because, you know, I also work with the White Sox and and there's a lot of information being put out there. And I think I do believe that that some of it is good. And I do believe that you have to go off of wisdom to time in history and just being around the game. And as you said a minute, I was listening in the gut feeling and I think what made all of those managers great is that they had those gut feelings they had, you know, they may be said, okay, Kirk. Gibson can hit that back door slider, even though he is hurt, you know, Eckersley didn't throw hard, but maybe at that moment he could've done that. You know, granted he was hurt, but he could still get to that wrap around slider that Eckersley through. And he did, which you know that that's why I respect the guys that do have the gut feeling, but all those analytical guys that bring the information down and they put it in front of you. I think there is value to that as well. But would you be sitting out last night's game in your prime if you're facing Clayton Kershaw or Chris sale because it's left the left yo? No, I would not. I would not. I, I hope not. You may not have a choice in it. Your manager might go look, looked at the analytics, Jim, sorry, you're not gonna face Chris sale. Well, that would have been a bummer. I'd be honest and Chris sale look little..

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