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Story. That's honest right now in so, Cal, right? L let's take a look at your drive. Hi, Robin Banks. Hi. Good morning. Good morning. Is this whether having to do with this crash on the 10? Yes, of course, because it's rigged. That so returned. So we're looking at downtown Los Angeles. I know. You know you take you take those roads a little bit too quickly and your load shifts. Downtown Los Angeles 10 eastbound between Alameda and Matteo Street. All the lanes are blocked there. Big rig is on its side, so they're going to take you off it Alameda. Right now you're going to start to feel that it's central. So you might want to hop off before Alameda and to make your way around that in acting on the 14 Celtic Crown Valley to write later blocked here because of flooding, So you're stopping up right around Santiago Road. Norwalk, five North down before Imperial Highway record. The two left lanes heavy traffic in Norwalk Boulevard Bellflower. It's a fatal crash investigation 91 east at Lakewood Boulevard. It's only the right lane and the liquid offering that are blocked. Right now down the avenue is where you feel that and Seal beach smash up on the four or five north of Seal Beach Boulevard. All the lanes were stopped at this point. Your trip is delayed at the 22. Don't drive through the standing water, either. You guys, you know, slow down, Move over. Be safe. Hey, if I had this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Robin back. Don't make Robin's job any harder than it has to be a A five or six on your wake up call. Let's talk with the National Weather Service meteorologist Kristen Stewart Christian I don't know if a day like today means Christmas comes late for you or the Super Bowl weekend comes early. Yeah, it's actually great day. Finally, we got some rain for Southern California. So let's talk about that. So we.

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