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Damn j i still cannot believe bishop's spent so long trying to murderous child in his dubious defense miles. He didn't think hope would basically bring about an apocalypse but he basically brought about multiple apocalypse is trying to get to hope. I did say it was dubious. What eventually made him back off. Anyway i remember that cable shunted him way into the future. That just made a mad. Ultimately bishop came around on his own. Okay but what do you do. After spending literal millennia. Trying to kill a kid well and bishops case you had back to the present risky but in character and get possessed by the demon what i'm jay and milestone six and we are here to explain the x. men because it's about time someone did welcome to episode three hundred forty jand miles explain the x. Men where we walk you through the inside the house and the records of comics greatest superhero soap opera and welcome to the future. Which is the past for some characters. Well we'll get to that The point is today. we're gonna be talking about the x. s. e. miniseries which is not only the future but the future as remembered as the past from the present which is actually in the past. Now since we're recording it in what's technically future obviously so now that you've got all that clear listeners. let's give some background on bishop and sort of what the deal is with his time line because we're going to be delving pretty heavily into that today right so remember. David future past Aka earth eight eleven. That was the future time line. Where mutant hunting robotic sentinels took over the world and mutants were imprisoned in concentration camps branching off from that timeline is earth eleven ninety one a slightly farther future. Timeline takes place chronologically right after something. Similar to days of future passed in earth eleven. ninety one's still pretty near but somewhat less near future mutants and humans rose up together after the sentinel started to attack and oppress pretty much. Everybody the name of that uprising was the summers rebellion Who led that one. I can't possibly imagine probably vulcan. Havoc was too busy working on his dissertation. God we're never gonna stop giving having shit for that are we. Were not not until he finishes it. I love the idea though that that the the rebellion against the sentinels was led by cyclops. Because he's got such a great track record with fighting sentinels You using the danger room while his depowered against knows in X. men first class and then of course my favorite silver age story where he convinces a bunch of sense to go. Fight the sun. Yeah i think the summers rebellion was a little less straightforward. I get the impression a lot of people died but still well-done cyclops and now all of those bills have gone to fight the sun Well society rebuilt itself mutants formed a police force to go after mutant criminals kind of the comics code authority but with more laser rifles like the comics authority but likewise governed by the comics code authority because it exists only in comic books. This is turning into the time. Travel thing all over again will anyway. This group was the access e the executive security enforcers named after the now mythical charles xavier originally named the executor school enforces but they realized early on that sounded less like a special police force. More like hall monitors. The xy was a group of largely mullet future cops clad in outfits shockingly similar to gary coleman's train conductor outfit from an old episode of the electric company. One member of the excess. He was lucas bishop. Who followed time. Traveling mutant criminal named trevor fitzroy through a portal. to the present day of the main marvel universe earth. Six one six now present day is of course early nineties.

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