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Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and why it matters. We were just discussing how freaking cold it is in here and clearly that also matters. Just letting you know stupid top stories. Global warming. Top story is the incredibly Hispanic better. Yeah, his name is Robert rubber Francis Jason, more Khashoggi news. We've been talking about this a lot this week, but it just keeps getting crazier and crazier as this goes along. And I've also thought about a little bit how we can respondents maybe moves that we can make if it in turn, find out that they, you know, the Saudis were responsible for this. Okay. And once again, Andrew, Heaton I'm, I'm still here. I haven't figured that out of the parking lot. Glad that I found. I am going to reach out to the mini viewers in Canada and let them know that they're free to buy weed. Now it's legal. Well, we do have a very large Canadian fan base. Come into the Canadian bureau because I'm a Canadian sport celebrity certain everyone knows that. Get to before we do wanna. Thank our sponsor. My patriot supply. My patriot supply is there when you really really are in dire need of food. So if your wife goes out of town, you can't cook and not hopelessly single also. Yes, yes. If you're living in bachelor city. Back to get a trash can. So this'll be very helpful to me. Yes, so, but in all seriousness, we just had that hurricane in Dallas. It feels like it's, it's not going to stop raining ever and there's some flooding that's gone along with that. But you know, you think about hurricanes you, it's flooding lose power. You don't have a refrigerator anymore. You don't have food that's available. So what do you do. It has the Glenn side of it. I'm prepar. I'm gonna get all this stuff, you know, and then has the niece that it was just like, you know, maybe if I have a couple of Texas soy sauce, I'm pretty happy with myself. Represent wise this. You could not get out one quick call knockout ninety five percent of all emergencies with two week pack that they have any like you'll have. You'll have it there. Hopefully never even need to open it, but what you do, it actually tastes good, which is kind of a nice benefit to, and.

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