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It's just that I don't think he's in the position where he can. He can carry that team the way he thinks he can. Not even that the coaches think he can and so I think he's kind of a what would you call it a millstone on that. Gosh Rosen not a huge disappointment but the story was. He was a good pickup for the dolphins with the set for a second round pick. He was on a terrible team in Arizona. So Oh give him a chance with a good team. Well you know how that worked out because dolphins were terrible to the next thing they do. Is they get rid of their left. Tackle to get get rid of running back to get rid of. Yeah so the question is I think that Rosen's ceiling is jared goff and his floor. There's probably below Kyle bowlers. That's what we've seen. What we've seen is floor for two years so you know? There's a floor in his game. You might say And I suspect fits will be the started their next year I am and they dry. They may even drafted into the quarterback because they've got three first first round picks I I don't think they'll go crazy trying to get joe girl But they could pick up a quarterback you know to bring along in and compete with Rosen for that second job you know. Maybe Rosen will come through with some team in the end. I don't know I've got to. I've got to parlays tied at second. Of course you have nick foles and Leonard Fournette like it falls has the excuse of being heard obviously but when he came back he was by that point. The JAGS had given up. I think so. It was unfair kind of judgement but but he couldn't really do much in for net is for net. You know it's it's like you keep waiting for him to you. Know people there a lot of people who would say that Saquon Barkley or even. Zeke Elliott. Were disappointments this year show because they didn't carry exit the way that teams designed to be built now now Barclays for Barclay. You could say well. The giants had no receivers for most of the season so it was easy for teams to keep up on him. for Elliot. It's you know I don't know how you how you work. That what he seems to be up and down bugs but for net really has not been at the top. He hasn't delivered at the top level since smaby his rookie season and then got hurt. And I don't know You know if if injuries are part of that like they are we give Todd Gurley a break because we assume that he's injured injured in playing through it for net could be kind of the same way and the second part of the power line is another is another dual entry And this one probably a lot more justification Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Junior. You Know Mayfield. Mayfield's another guy who I say he is what he is and you really need to adjust to that and Freddie Kitchens did last year but I think he couldn't adjust further this year so teams tried to keep him in the pocket. They can you you know. Make him see over the linemen. They can make choices that way. And you thought that with Landry and Odell Beckham and in Joke Gook that that would be relatively easy easy for him to do but Beckham Beckham was Beckham. He just wasn't showing up for much of much of the season he he wasn't making making the the everyday catches you need. You need to make the which is what landry is so good at. You know. It's why they they would. They should be such a good pair. Because you know wake if you account for Beckham over the top than you. You can't necessarily double landry on the shorter routes and Landry's kind.

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