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Oh yeah on the five hundred games under five hundred he's five six games under five but i'm not did he get kirk cousins one hundred million dollars been fifteen teams he has not one two three four five the only thirty two i mean what are you trying to do in every one of them was bad everyone was bad he would pay no what team he made better cleveland here's some big wins at cleveland he did while never forget that day night game at cincinnati when cincinnati was riding high wind hoyer just threw a party on them we have breaking news the ravens have agreed to a one year deal with robert repin the third rg three hasn't played since the two thousand sixteen season with rounds into a few minutes ago hashtag play like a raven shannon he played like a raven what's your reaction you're speechless the laws guy i don't regret jar three i'm happy that he got an opportunity but we know colin kaepernick did not sign with the ravens last year for non flip ball reasons in for anyone in that organization to tell you otherwise would be disingenuous they would be misspeaking the truth so congratulations hopefully rg three can stay healthy but again here's a guy that's not conventional so you're gonna have to have to offenses and you know skip there's only so much practice time you don't really need to offenses so i don't really i i'm just saying i don't know skip i don't know so to me this feels like a rather pathetic response to the criticism this organization took for not signing colin captaining.

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