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Was phenomenal it was horrible but it was phenomenal and it kind of showed us some times are changing in the NFL right now we go to Holland we walking in Rostock or NFL vet host analyst the roster football podcast my front page story dot com really cool website really where you could take your personal memories put him right on the front page my front page story dot com funny much water at Ross Tucker and if he's an eagles camp right now all over the place rocks thanks for joining us today but of course can I use your man I'm doing well goodbye you know I can't say I'm doing well because I I can't going on I'm I'm in a studio in it's hot as hell in here in downtown and I'm I'm watching highlights all over the place what's going on with you you know so for you say that so I wasn't that bad at eagles camp it was like I don't know how you use words like I totally swept through my undershirt and you know on the my polo shirt and I'm like two forty eight now I mean I'm dead sexy I'm not like twenty five but I was when I played and I just think to myself how did I do this when I was three twenty three twenty five with a helmet shoulder pads pants on you know for two hours two hours three hours running in the other three are twenty down do because I understand you're on the sideline sweating my you know what it's all right it's amazing like Joe Thomas lost about your weight and I think maybe you guys just can't turn the faucet off because he will come in studio sometimes and our building is an old building in like we'll have the heat on in the summer that's in the heat is on right now I'm sweating profusely but he'll go for like three shirts I'm the I'm seriously he will need to change your shirt when he's done because the faucet with you big guys it just never goes away no you're right but I will say it is it's a lot nicer on the sideline is out I do see somebody is doing like foster **** and stuff but I just think how did I ever go against monsters like that like it just have a lifetime ago it's funny it's just a different era man it's a N. plus in you know this when you were younger there was more I can take on the world you were invincible and so you could take on a guy like Fletcher **** and now you see it from a different level and obviously you get you should get more respect yourself when you were playing but obviously you give a bunch respect to the type of animals that they were you were going to ask me about Jimmy Johnson yeah what were you gonna so he was on earlier right the race car driver yes I know so question for you okay the topic that this minister topic for the rest of the day learn for any of your listeners or you can always you three more scared of wearing an NFL game at all prince of guard against Fletcher **** or hopping in a NASCAR car for a race like at Daytona five hundred like I said you can you have to do one of these or you're gonna die like you have to pick one which would you be less scared or more apt to do I'd I'd get a race car much quicker really absolutely I resent ours is the I played so I'm a little I remember going to Daytona one time and talking to you know Dale Earnhardt junior and some guys and I just could not believe how close the cars were to get their I was like you guys are crazy he's like what are you talking about your what you guys the ones going to get those monsters and and kill each other as members engine I'm much more comfortable going against Warren Sapp for whoever was across from me that having twenty cars within five feet of me as Ralph drive in one forty together that's the reader that you're you're rather take your chance in the car this one hundred hundred and fifty percent of I can see this is the difference between Ross Tucker and other guests it's not just football with rocks he's learned about just about everything in the world Ross Tucker in a follow on Twitter because you know this trust now what was your now you said your three twenty how tall are you six four six five were yet here like six four and a half okay now if you met those guys you know you did it people don't realize on T. V. like like Jeff Gordon is like five seven so they're all small for the most part so you and Fletcher **** that's just a different animal comparison to a race car I mean you get that yeah I am very heavy and I am six four okay well then you could hold your own out there so you I mean look we're just beat the crap out of however you don't you get it out I mean you if you try to run a race with those guys the general history on the vehicle yes you could call me Daddy yes you can but you know what I get an accident once and I know there's a likelihood of dying but I could still probably only and haven't haven't haven't once it's every play in the NFL plus the embarrassment I think I'll just be able to hold on to a race car better I don't think I would be able to deal with the embarrassment of lecture **** Fletcher **** just pounding away on me until people got me off the field I'd I'd be curious to hear like I've heard your listeners other people like what what their vote would be that I don't know what what do you think that we're going to break that would be people that would say race car pursues office to guard it would have to be offense of guard have to be the both Saturday so it's difficult but the guard I bet so I think people don't want to die and the race car the baby is really afraid of dying Russ Tucker joining us of the show I got to ask you football rocks I'm ready I'm ready are the eagles legitimate Superbowl contenders you're out there would you see without question yeah I mean it's one of the more impressive roster if they've ever had and certainly one of the restaurants in the league for me it's like just the amount of weapons they have like their second string offense of wine is like a first round pick in staffing with yours Ian by tie in Jordan my lot of the US army they just are are very talented they have a really good job everywhere and your only I could really hold them back is just the injury bug which got a government it's empty spots last year especially when it's although polls came in and played well but yeah I look at them I mean even like their fourth receivers JJ are single white side they're bird or their forty eight like they're good this is very very puro whole roster right now they really do we got roster joining us on the show and fill that host analyst Ross Tucker football podcast my front page story dot com more ask about that just a few minutes who do you think the team we should be talking more about because I I've wondered if it's the colts but there's just nothing you could really sink your teeth into when it comes the offseason drama is there another team you think we should be talking more about if you're not with the most interesting hearing NFL this year I know lots of people say Cleveland and I get that I'm going with the Steelers I'm staying in the same division ten I agree to me as a former player this your orders are like the grand experiment this year right I mean how often do your coaches talk about culture and you guys the body it is about the team in the culture Hey guys a fight for each other and all that stuff and it's not just about talent and so they are going to hear people whisper addition by subtraction well I have we have a better example than just your is this your role will be on bell No Way Antonio brown they lost significant talent by losing those you guys but everything you're hearing is everything's hunky dory and everybody's on the same page and were much closer and there's no distractions that were heroes on or about to find out if they go sixteen jun there are a few minutes out thanks if they go twelve and four there was a you know what maybe there is something that maybe there's something to lack of distractions and and culture and all that stuff would you pay Z. Kelly if you were the cowboys I would you know that there's always learn the dollar amounts right so here's the problem they don't really have anybody else behind it but he's the changes for holding out now yeah does Jerry Jones isn't getting any younger this is probably the best cowboys G. may have had since like two thousand seven I mean they have a really really just give up I would be surprised if the eagle the cowboys your best team the NSC cal boys are really really good and I think the jelly it realizes that Gerry and Stephen Jones don't really want to play football games out of debt you know even if you miss Morris your game and there was one of our well that might be the difference you may be the number one seed or whatever yeah or be in a game behind the eagles and be in the wild card which is probably different three haven't yes who's your ball and not so I think she realizes that the cowboys know that the time is now and he's taking advantage of that because from a strictly business standpoint I probably wouldn't yeah you have a measure on the fourth year you have a next year on the fifth year option you can tag them after that I mean you've got a lot of mileage out in the next three years he might be darn or might not be as productive as he was and you never really had to guarantee on that much so I would like from a strictly business standpoint to play here year I think you can go force their hand I don't think they really want to play games with our tell me about my front page story dot com best gift idea I've ever heard of a specially for your wife your significant other or whoever anniversaries birthdays you're literally talk to a reporter and tell them about your wife for ten minutes they write the story sends you a framed copy that looks like it's on the cover the newspaper and you say it back I really wanted something special for you for this year I had a story written about you are you story written about you that's the best line you could ever say to your wife I guarantee she cries my front page story you're not float bells thank you very much Ross wonderful travels to you will talk to you again soon my friend.

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