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Yes, it is African Americans Latinos white black every color of the rainbow. We have native Americans I on a Presley birth. Black woman elected to the house from Lucy MC bad. A grieving mom who lost her son in shooting in Florida. Now is the elected to Newton, LeRoy Gingrich. Leroy, Georgia has his seat has been held by Democrats since nineteen seventy nine to live and Ilan. Omar are the two I Muslim women elected to congress from the state of Michigan and Minnesota Alexsandr Cossio Cortez say her name Republicans because y'all can down her for not having a whole lot of money to get a place these, but she's gonna be indeed. See going to beat congress. Kristen cinema who looks like she's going to edit out near Zona as the Senator Laura Kelly. She gets these stripes for defeating when crisco Bach vote suppressor champion. She him in Kansas. Kansas thing. It's fine. Stacey Abrams, of course, who had coat tails like crazy that helped Lucy MacBeth. In other words, win David to is both native American and LGBT and animate fight. Anyone messes with her out to Abigail span broke. Yes. Yes. Mickey Sharyl ex navy pilot one so. Was this when I just can't keep I keep thinking about Dolores Huerta who is eight years old. Yeah. Co creator of the United farm workers. Of course, she created where they yes, we can the noughties where talks about people power. And when you think about that in context, she was talking about United the farmworkers back in the sixties the most invisible powerless group of people in the United States, they organized, right? They created him union and they organize its people power. And that's what we're seeing. No, all of those lists, all of those women all of the people who turned out, it's essentially, and this is kind of you know, I'm on the positive tip on this Sunday just saying this is where we're grateful of living in a country where democracy still they resin one of us. So I'm thankful to be here with all of you to be here. All of you fabulous woman that week as well special shout out to millennials. I'm gonna give you all shout out because you guys increased your turn out from seventeen to thirty one percent. That's darn good too. For you guys as well. Michelle bernard. Jennifer rubin. Mighty in a Hosa. You all won the week. Thank you for being with me and coming up on MSNBC. The very latest on the Florida recount. Another phenomenal woman went out swit-, but there's more aimed at we bit more brick. The fact of the matter was he was this is a story that is not well known stuck in my mind about this was in the white, but it really should be especially maybe now. Oh, Oh my my God. retu- Manu MSNBC present bag, man. Search bag man to subscribe now..

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