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The Falcons Look Okay and they could be pretty good so so I think that if if this is not going to be the sort of you have to unfortunately him win the Division Division that we thought no it's not and with helping weaker and even with kind of that second tier of NFC teams being a little bit more in question nor the Vikings going to be very good are the bear is going to be very good right now. I feel like the teams out pencil in for wildcard are probably Seattle and the cowboys or Seattle and Philadelphia so can the saints stay afloat in that group if they don't necessarily keep pace for the land in in the NFC south their best bet at this point is probably to win the division based on the strength of other teams everywhere but also we put two games and it's really hard to discern that but I do think that they have talent elsewhere where the exact same page when it comes to the bridgewater stuff I think the trade for him last August showed incredible amount of foresight and understanding. This is what we need to to do to have a contingency plan convincing him to come back and making him. The highest paid backup has helpful but he could have started Miami. Yep and the idea that they have and the locker room the culture just the winning atmosphere in that building to be able to retain guys on that sort of lesser deal. That's impressive to me. I think when teams can swing those deals it can make a huge difference when you're starting to fill out the margins of your Ostra and backup. quarterback is an important part of those march. It reminds me I've I've written this but Jeffey. Larry told me once right after a couple of months after the super bowl that they don't even call it a backup quarterback they just call it the second quarterback because eventually they're going to play and if you view it that way. I mean look that they made a serious. Commitment falls a couple of years ago won the Super Bowl because of it and you know that's just sort of how this works unless you have Tom Brady starter in you know obviously even even Garoppolo play oh they're not. They're injury You're probably going to have a second quarterback play and I think that's that's an interesting lesson for everybody. Let's get to Ben Rothlisberger because I think the ties into another piece of news about this week so rather burger going to injured reserve with that elbow injury a bizarre elbow injury. I cannot remember a quarterback going to I are with a non contact throwing injury. Can You I'd have to think about it. I don't I I. D- I don't remember but I don't have a encyclopedic knowledge of of of what landed everybody on. Nothing jumps out to me so the Rothlisberger thing becomes complicated for a couple of different reasons given that two years sixty eight million dollar extension next season. He has twenty five million dollars dead cap next year so if he can't play next year if this is a Tommy John sort of situation and we're looking looking at a Alex Smith timetable where he has to miss all of next season. That's brutal for this team because you have to hold his cap number and after trading for make if it's Patrick you no longer have a first round pick so while Washington it wasn't in their plans to draft a quarterback in the first round after signing Alex Smith his injury necessitated that they do it. They were able to get haskins fifteenth and kind of start whatever their next step was Pittsburg can't do that. I I understand the arguments for draft for training for Fitzpatrick. He's really talented player. You're paying next to nothing because the dolphins have signed repaid a signing bonus already all that makes sense to me but I do think that when there's a chance you bought them out this season and I do think there is it Mason Rudolph. There's no way to know now. Less stuff is on the table for them. When it comes to their next plan I get both sides of it but I also think it's a considerable risk yesterday. We're family slow news day. I kept saying Mason Rudolph Jason. Jason Gallery kept saying Mason rand off and Richie Boza kept saying Mason Ramsey twenty to throw that out there as far as name recognition of of this new steelers quarterback. I I was my my favorite Mason Rudolph things that his vertical leap at the NFL combine was twenty six inches. Hey what what do you think ours is. I know mine was uh higher than that when I was younger. What is it about now? I have no idea it's device twenty six inches so understand for an NFL quarterback. It's really funny. It's in the bottom fifth percentile. It was less than twenty eight offensive tackles at the at the combine this season. I hear it's fine. He doesn't matter the position when I was just looking at it. Yesterday I was like well. This guy is not an athlete. This is kind of funny so you start to think about what the steelers think they they are and I'm intrigued by this. I saw statue of the day the basically the stores have had a first-round pick ever since I can delete sixties or something it's just the things they don't do our may coaching coaching changes and trade the first round pick or trade up like Trade Evan Bush this year right and so they probably think they have a better roster than we do they. They probably think that Mason Rudolph can sort of be in a position where he can use the talent around him and the defense this and celebrate that learning curve is anything to that. We've seen I two weeks ago. Lead us to believe that I don't think so but I'm just saying disconnect between what we think and what can call where Mike Tomlin probably think it seems pretty massive as far as that goes so I don't know I mean I honestly do not know what the stuarts doing here maybe they maybe it's like a second coming of Patrick Mahomes and they all saw Mason Rudolph in practice and realized that he was you know he's going to be great or something. I don't know but what I do. I do know is that right now. I think that make Fitzpatrick first-round pick with that team overpay. I agree with you that they bought them out and all of a sudden. They lost a fifth overall pick or something. That's a disaster astor. I it's this is not a move. I would make it's I. I understand the arguments for it when you say well. They're not taking a quarterback anyways stuff off like that but I just feel like taking that stuff off. The table is dangerous. Making those decisions in September is a fool's errand because you have no idea we've the much time rothlisberger is going to miss is going to be complications with his surgery in March stuff like that. It's just so hard to know the thirty seven years old so that part of it and also is there hope that this team can get better with Fitzpatrick on the back end as their younger players in the secondary start to figure things out. Maybe but Terrell Edmonds is in year two. I get Devon Bush's a rookie but part of my concerns about that defense or how these players are being deployed. I mean they just look lost right now. On the back again the way or the weapons going to get any better right. I mean we say that. Maybe there you they can trust the talent around the offensively but is there that much talent around them offensively right now yeah. The answer is no the the way. I view trading first-round pick for anybody is. I think you only do it. If you think you're one player away from real contentious was my argument when the sense drafted traded up for Marcus Davenport right you know did they think that Marcus arcus Davenport was the one player Stan between them and the Super Bowl. apparently they did that didn't work out. It was some of those things were beyond his control then obviously Davenport the her for a lot of the year and then obviously the the the screw job in New Orleans happened but that's besides the point okay. It's a very narrow situation but if your it's a good example example though yeah if you're the Texans and you think Laremy Tunsil will win you the Super Bowl. The only problem was left tackle than I. I don't know is two first round picks for the Super Bowl appropriate shore. The problem is of course that. It's not actually going to work that is when you trade a first round pick when you say we can win the Super Oh now. I honestly think that the trade was good in that regard because I showed you last year for wasn't for a double doing that. Khalil Mack really was is the type of player who could make them go from good to great and I don't think there's a lot of players like that. I think rare case Jalen Ramsey might be I think in the right situation creation. He might be one of those players but I just. I don't think it's Patrick is and I certainly don't think it is in this situation all right so let's get to take shop because mine relates to this. I think the Jalen Ramsey even if the Laremy tunsil trade is one of those deals where every other executive run the league is like fuck me a right really. You're going to do this and now every player I tried to trade for is going to have to be worked to first second. It drives executives nuts when that stuff happens when people just completely shift the market for players so even if the tonsil trade didn't happen in this hypothetical. I think the Jalen Ramsey would be worth two first round picks for the right right team and to me that right team is the chiefs because it's the match rate is a good thing to bring up because it I I agree with you in a way where he such a great player and he's one of maybe the five six players in the NFL period that maybe you can rationalize doing it. He unlocked the defense. They were the best defense if it's in the NFL they were definitely contenders all of that the problem though when you're the bears even if you're going all in on your quarterback which I think you should if if that quarterback is not the right guy you're going to be in the situation right now where the bears need a new quarterback most likely and they don't have a first round pick next texture to get one. The chiefs are not almost possibly in that scenario and less mahomes gets hurt and then it's over anyway. If if he's healthy there's no reasonable reality no reasonable projection where they have a high first-round pick and this could be the player that unlocks super bowl chances so I understand that no players were two first round picks unless he's a quarterback most likely in a vacuum but I do think that for. We're the right team with the right quarterback with the right outlook. It's you can rationalize two first round picks for Jalen Ramsey in a way that you can't for most players in most teams in the League bread. Beaches never made a first round pick and they've they've traded those things away and that's why it's difficult because you don't have a second round pick next year because you already traded one away for the in the car trade and trade your first round pick away so eventually you're. GonNa have a homegrown talent. Ask You a question sure. Don't don't you think going all in on Patrick. Mahomes of all people right now is slightly short sighted because he's going clearly. It'd be so good for so long that maximize that window is really important. He's going to get very very very expensive sensitive and I understand that and I understand the necessity to do that but you already traded for Frank. Clark are brought in the honey. Badger obviously traded offer. Sean pick to get had him in the first place if you keep going all in on him. Don't you really limit yourself in your six and seven of Patrick. MAHOMES HOMES NOT GETTING HIGH draft pick every single year that that's my only devil's advocate here. I think that's a good argument. The argument to me does have to deal with the money because this obviously the the the cap is fake everything else but the chiefs have already done this before they already did this this off season. They made the big trade and traded first round. Pick only to have to give that guy a massive extension and that's what happened when Frank Clark Frank Clark's cockpit. This year is tiny. It's six and a half million dollars. Next year jumps to twenty two point seven the chiefs right now as it stands at two point three million dollars in cap space and they don't have that many logical cuts to make no Daniel Sorensen is probably one of those guys cam..

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