Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Google discussed on Heart Talk


The incident happened last night when the wings of both aircraft came into contact near the gate at the airport there were no injuries and the passengers were transferred to other planes the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the Federal Trade Commission is reaching a settlement with Google over violating the privacy rights of children Brian shook reports the investigation found that Google violated not only the laws but also failed to protect children when improperly collecting their data on the video sharing site The Washington Post reports the tech giant is expected to pay a multi million dollar fine but details were not announced the settlement must be approved by the department of justice before it becomes official Brian shook NBC news radio Ernest Hemingway's birthday is being celebrated this weekend in Key West Florida dozens of Hemingway look alikes celebrated the authors birthday with the running of the bulls which is a spin off of the famed event held each year in Pamplona Spain the event featured a white bearded Hemingway lookalikes parading through key west's historic downtown with a herd of life size replica bulls on wheels the event also featured a cake in front of him in waves frequent hang out sloppy Joe's bar a toddler has had his driving privileges suspended after giving his parents a scare on Thursday the two year old boy I wanted to go to the chest Sahgal county fair in Minnesota so he drove there it is battery powered John Deere tractor the boy's family lives only a couple blocks from the fairgrounds still the toddler had to be there so we drove on the sidewalk and through some gates that were left open for a motocross race before reaching his destination the tilt a whirl ride unfortunately for the boy he was spotted by a security officer working at the.

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