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Population. In other news news from Canada. Rex Murphy writing in the national post says Lewis Carroll, you know, the one who are out of him on the Lam is alive and well on writing Canada's energy policy. Murphy is concerned that the nation is not making full use of its energy resources. And of course, this turns to a great extent on the dispute between Alberta average Columbia. As I have previously reported Albert has vast reserves of oil from its tar sands deposits and wants to export them through the port of an Couva Vancouver is in Columbia the province of British Columbia does not wish to pipelines to cross its territory. Mono things environmentalists are very concerned about the prospect of large numbers oil tankers making their way along the hazardous passage from the poor to the open sea particularly in winter. Murphy says until our pipelines, plural built and oil flowing to international markets. There should be no talk of the so-called carbon tax the energy tax until the crazed circumstance of the block Hoy blockade on Albert is resolved all talk of reducing carbon emissions and the pretend meeting. Our Paris commitments should be shelved fixed the home front first. And then if some wish to attend to the Jew goals of planetary salvation than the matted. This is clearly not someone who has read the report or if he has he does believe it. I think it was Augusta new prayed own mold make me pure, but not yet. Okay. Mr murphy. Let's cut emissions but not yet. Oh, it's too late. Earlier this month, the US global change research program produced its fourth national climate assessment, it states climate change creates new risks and exacerbates existing vulnerabilities in communities across the United States, presenting growing challenges to human health and safety quality of life and the rate of economic growth it goes onto explain the many ways in which the nation will be affected from the economy to Walter to health to agriculture to tourism. The report says the economic impact of climate change could be devastating questioned on this. President Trump said I don't believe it. A footnote to last week's episode an official report from Brazil says that deforestation in the Amazon in the twelve months to July twenty eighteen was the west for ten years. Environment minister Edson Duarte said illegal logging an upsurge in organized crime which blank. On the first of January president-elect higher Bolsonaro. We'll take office as expected to have a much more relaxed attitude to the protection of the rainforest. In France, the yellow vest or Gijon protests continues across the nation. What started as a protest against increased fuel prices has developed into a demonstration against low incomes and the high cost of living. It continues across the whole country. President Macron introduced the price increases as a measure to reduce carbon emissions so far. He is standing firm and is not linked yet. Won't news about micro-plastics. I report from the roles -ociety has found that these particles can change the behavior of certain shellfish, which absolves them they no longer recognized threats and become easy. Prey for cramps leading to an imbalance in the food chain. According to Paul Rosso of Greenpeace where don't pay an extra truckload of risk into the sea. Every sixty seconds. Was also intrigued to see a comment in the article which said that micro-plastics now even founding. Honey, I can't imagine these come into contact with micro-plastics except perhaps through water, which they pick up from puddles poems. More extreme weather this time from Australia. The BBC reports that Sydney has experienced its wettest November days is nine hundred eighty four Ninety-one millimeters. Rain fell in nineteen minutes and high winds of flash flooding led to two deaths. Eight thousand homes and businesses lost power. Apple it's closed and vehicles crashed. While the storm was intense. It was Honey localized other parts of the state in the grip of drought. Call rain a tool. And the US the Juliana case rumbles on Pacific standard asks whether it will ever get to court. The government is continually blocked it. But it's not succeeded in getting dismissed date for trial is still to be set. Meanwhile in Canada, a similar case has emerged all the home on June. That's all all the short. That's a French pun. A Quebec based environmental education group announced this week that it had applied for authorisation for class action suit. I'll be half of all the citizens of Quebec under the age of thirty five challenges the Canadian government for insufficient action on climate change. Like the Juliana case it is expected to take several years to play out.

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