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But he has really stepped up his game like all these players have under pep and um to touch back on a g wears two goals that kind of brings us to a controversy because you have city has pep has to fantastic strikers on one from brazil one from argentina kuna guero the worst men in the world and baby j gabrielle jays is the second worst man in the world um many nathan yeah absolutely no bias that all over here and so he has this selection difficulty because he can't really figure out a system to start them boat both consistently not that it matters because they're still crushing every opponent but we have this kind of sliding scale of playing time between a guero and baby j where one player will play a couple of games and do brilliantly and then he'll be bench for whatever reason and then a will come in and play a couple of games and do brilliantly and then be bench and i don't know what pep is doing i don't know if there is any bad feelings about this in the locker room i don't know of a guero as game pissed off at pep for doing this but it seems to me that the system is working and why would you try and change if a system if it's not broken except he kinda run the risk of losing a guero if he does decide that he's being shortchanged and getting fucked over by path yet it seems like i expect him afterwards and he saying there are problems you have so many worldclass players on your team it's hard that you want to give bernardo silva playing time you wanna give gabrielle jisi jays use uh playing time and you all you want to you're trying to accommodate everyone and make them all happy and it's so hard and like i think they're not like trying to address this problem till the end of the year sold the summer transfer window and then they'll probably be more discussions with the guero and honestly i think he's trying to slowly trying to give aguire almost like a testimonial like last year and he's trying to say like all right like you i manning like all right like you've done great you've won this two championships two super bowl so you lie manning little little bit obviously ones.

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