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You've been listening to side doors a podcast from the Smithsonian with support from Pierre x this is our last episode of the season. We'll be back soon with a new season, but we're taking a short break to do research and put together some exciting news stories in the meantime. Can really help us out by leaving us a review in apple podcasts. It helps find our show and it's a little digital pat on the has it makes me feel good as I snuggled down my night. This. Episode we did a lot of interviews and we want to send a big time. Special. Thanks to Kirsten Gilardi amy bond and the entire guerrilla doctors team also John Bosco Zeh Lawrence Magee Shah Don Zimmerman Linda Lowenstein and her husband Craig Shirley, annelies Meier Jen's Zun Caroliina Powell and Meredith. Bastion. We got some great bonus content for this episode, a Ted talk about gorilla conservation a youtube link to gorillas in the mist and a Selfie of Justin. At the national. Zoo. All of that will be in our newsletter. You can subscribe at sl that edu slash side door. Are Wonderful Amazing Brilliant, podcast team is just an O.`Neil Natalie Boyd and cannon caitlyn Schaefer just Saad Cameo Neil and Sharon Bryant episode. Our work is by Greg fisk extra support comes from John Jason and Jenni at PR. Our show is mixed talk. Our theme song and other episode music are by Brake Master cylinder. If you WANNA sponsor our show please email sponsorship at r x dot Org I'm your host was EP body. Thanks for listening. See You. Next season. News. That much worse than in here in the house. IS A. There's a whole sign about it's like that's not a skunk. It's wealthier and oh no, let's go somewhere else..

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