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Captain mark vendor on the chart United States Navy. after the band dropped doctrine will we see those votes. he suggested that. engine by a New York producer Matt symbol and have because they show to go off the rails. and suggested we fix by bumping in with New World man. check the boats mark. the vendor of doctrine holds in its a good doctrine that when a third party country begins to acquire weapons system one said third party country has no obligation to do so that is proof of concept of the weapon system so that for example let me break that down for the Steelers fans and the jets fans that when Japan which is not obliged by the F. thirty five buys the F. thirty five in quantities that tells the up there there thirty five is a pretty good point that's the van drop doctrine and it's a good doctor but you don't know a lick about bond music and less about radio I do however know marriage I've been married thirty seven years. yeah check on the map thirty seven years nineteen eighty two and so when I tell young Mr mat Sam Bolen that the fifth anniversary of the big one. and they got to come up with something would. please listen to me something grade would be nice. not what's your first name. I'm afraid the answer. you're actually learning Briar prior that said no you come up with a different name now that I know you don't know enough yet point prior so you getting grave something with buyer maybe you can get one of those talking tryouts on the wall and put Briar on top of it I think that would work so I engrave the batch is going to beat me what brought the Louis Briar slugger yeah all right now I want to get back to my post column I got a lot of show coming up Michael Horan's Jonah joining us after the break from Israel tells what the heck is going on over there the president of Israel gave the opportunity from our government to Benjamin Netanyahu last night but he's not gonna be about form a government dancing in the able to form a government they're not going to form a government in order to end up with a nother set of elections you you its production but will last Michael Lauren Michael sure they are time Jim talent Robert constant Tom cotton come along Jason Jay put general James Mattis joins me in the third hour today shop. but here's my column which is made Democrats very happy this morning that I'm sure they're fifteen they're a call comments on this column over washing post dot com it's on the front page and I'm sure it's because they're happy. the title they chose impeachment minded Democrats welcome to al Capone's vault look familiar. here's what it says under promise over deliver it's the best advice to everyone in any business on any subject but especially true in media and politics put another way don't get caught opening out Capone's vault in finding well nothing. of course it would be even worse to hype the opening of the ball the way our although Rivera dead for a TV special in nineteen eighty six and finding it empty but nevertheless declare triumph triumphantly yeah but the greatest discovery of all time that would transform a foolish move into a permanent scar. which is essentially the way house Democrats mishandled the guaranteed to get him impeached rough transcript of the phone call in July between president trump and president Lansky the president of Ukraine. many Democrats egged on by a complicit Greek chorus media artist formally known by the name of the echo chamber we're stuck on Wednesday out they marched declared the empty vault of the transcript a bill of particulars against trump that would require drafting of articles of impeachment and their immediate passage not just by a select committee but by the whole house. freshman Democrats elected in twenty eighteen from truck majority congressional districts have been cornered by these events the average voter in the three key states of Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin is gonna think this impeachment circus is absurd especially given that the Democrats now have enough empty ball to open a new Fort Knox. the much touted investigation by special counsel Robert as small as the third found no collusion by trump and the Russians in the twenty sixteen election what about obstruction of justice Attorney General William Barr buttressed by then deputy Attorney General rob Rosenstein determined that none that occurred. mix in the damning report by the justice department's inspector general regarding former FBI director James B. Comey is mis handling of documents in the apparently imminent prosecution of former acting FBI director in McCabe for misleading federal investigators and the public is rightfully suspicious of the latest frenzy over suppose that trump transgression. now they usually hide transcript of the president's phone call has turned out to be a nothing burger and the ground is suddenly shifting not under trump but under the resistance all those moderate Democrats in precarious seats have been exposed as auxiliaries of representative Alexandria copy of Cortez in a hard left allies in the squad. true a more circumspect president might have steered clear in the call with Lynskey of discussing Ukraine sentry of corruption. and another president might have considered it bad form to bring up former vice president Joe Biden's son hunter and hunters involvement with the Ukrainian energy company but trump isn't circumspect. if something is on his mind that's what he said many speak directly not with diplomatic invasion is Kimberly straw also says enter perceptive new book resistance at all costs trump has no filters. a swap of America believes that filtered through undeniably exists around Washington's beltway and that those filters are malign functioning to distort information mislead the rest of the nation these voters like indeed these voters blob the fact that they get trump unplugged almost every day they read the phone call transcript and laughed out loud at the politicos and pundits who are desperately pivoting to it from their other failed narratives about president trump trump Russia gave way to trump bracers then truck procession now trump you correct. are also wise enough to the striking similarities in these tales which are populated with unnamed accusers an eyebrow raising tactics you're not in on the Democrats come is unstoppable yet hapless is widely even I already in pursuit of Donald J. road runner. if you are part of the one percent of America watches MSNBC or CNN you're gonna be told tonight tomorrow and frequently in the days and weeks ahead that trump is in deep trouble. if you watch fox news please listen at center right radio here instead going to hear a lot of replays of Joe Biden's bragging about getting a Ukraine president five Ukraine prosecutor fired which may have been a good day. you also hear plenty of about the former vice president's son pulling down fifty thousand dollars a month for serving on the board of Ukrainian gas company which may have been perfectly legitimate but you have to ask what the the owner think he was by. what you won't be hearing no matter what you watch your listen to is a roll call vote for a house select committee on impeachment in response to revelations about the contents of the president's fabled phone call because well the ball was empty again. that's my column in The Washington Post and it's got fifteen hundred comments right now I'm sure they're all potty. because the post readers let me play my MSNBC audience. they they hate watch me. my Washington post people hate read me and you know why because I'm smarter than they are I hate to say this Hey I don't let me be. that's what to me Pat myself on my back my patting myself on my back yes you have you seen my wound by the way I did you know that that's Twain's fall through it is doing now I close the door on my hand but Dwayne was talking to me. do you call your talent when they're in the phone in the car driving I don't know why not it's dangerous way way way way way way way way way less danger I got to get back to this who originally I gotta get back to me I dont get to Elizabeth Warren would you please stop interrupting this is why I come to New York so I get a real producer yeah I real producer can you play for me please this is important stuff that we've got going on here you know what I don't like about New York can I put in a memo to fill boys sure all right I'll put on his desk. Phil why do we use double sided copying in New York. really why do we do that. is that like a role that Phil put down no no no it's just I didn't click something when I printed that was a man that was. call I feel guilty sometimes I should plant a tree this is this is something else double sided printing here's your gift there's my bio buyer of three gather some paper. it was kind of what right kind of you know yeah you could plant a tree near a tree grows in Brooklyn you have that book I do have a book the thing I do live in Brooklyn I do live in Brooklyn. to play the tree don't say. what. you might just be a very bad guy the GPS of your. your address your phone number and what's your password again no I got it okay I'm going to this is your it's not awake at this time the fed she misses you it's not awake I get on from there the show yesterday so I got a notice from apple I had to change your password. and so this is a public service announcement apple does not send anybody out for a request to change your password ever it doesn't happen it's it's a scam it's a complete and utter scale so we're now owned by the Ukrainian diving the Ukrainian the yeah I think I think the Lynskey owns me now so I said call up apple find out what to do and she did she got it all fixed and she felt embarrassed by it but then I got a I got a screen shot to save for all time she sent me the screen shot of the of the conversation with apple and it's a screen shot to save for all time it says yeah are you looking at this from apple it says. yeah okay right there so that's a great shot yeah I'd say can you read it no because it looks like the Blair witch project still it says your husband is indeed correct all right this is like an all time gift from the gods take a look at that American you're watching on Univision frame that your husband is indeed correct from apple to the fetching misses you it that's the first time in thirty seven years I got a third party validation that your husband is indeed correct that's like getting her to say you were right about the directions like the fun saying I would remember right we can't say it this is I have it in black and white your husband is indeed correct apple never ask you to change your password. never now I also want to point out that there is nothing in the world harder to do than to come up with a new password.

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