FAA, Juliet Walker, Trevor Cadigan discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


From the faa more now from correspondent juliet walker the faa on friday grounded the doors off flights amid concerns that harnesses meant to keep passengers from tumbling out of their seats well end up preventing them from escaping when that helicopter plunged into the east river last sunday the pilot got out but all five passengers died the parents of old trevor cadigan who was killed in the crash called the helicopters harnesses a death trap in a lawsuit and their lawyer said because the restraints fastened in the back they're difficult to unlatch the cause of sunday's crash has not been determined julie walker new york six people died in the collapse pedestrian bridge onto a bustling miami highway in mere seconds separated those who were killed from those who survived the drivers on the busy highway under the bridge were out on the most the ordinary of errands at and t squares off against the federal government on monday we get details now from from correspondent keith peters he has more on the story it will be a trial that could shape how you get and how much you pay for streaming tv and movies at and t says it needs to gobble up time warner if it's to have a chance against the likes of amazon netflix and google in the rapidly evolving world of video entertainment the justice department said he trusts lawyers say that if at and t and time warner are allowed to combine consumers will end up paying more to watch their favorite shows whether on a tv screen smartphone or tablet keith peters washington president donald trump's plan to combat opioid drug addiction calls for stiffer penalties for drug traffickers including the death penalty where.

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