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A look full. what a great player is there anybody better is there anyone more fearsome I just Russell Wilson given MVP caliber performance on Thursday night football Luke Falk way scarier way scarier at least twice the athlete of Russell Wilson better arm Justin Lee town I mean man if you're worried about anything on Sunday it's Luke Falk running wild over the eagles at home oh boy. yes Luke Falk. sticks mistakes third string quarterback for the jets. I need to say anything else talker like is that the best argument you could possibly make when you're talking about a quarter back he's the third stringer for the jets even if you're playing the third best quarterback in jets history is I give you like mark Sanchez. wow. I guess I guess name if gets one because he won a Superbowl Chad Pennington B. to Chad Pennington is it's him and then like test Verdy yeah I guess that's a very I mean but okay it still stands the jets aren't a very good offensive football team no they haven't been in the history of their franchise they've really almost never been a good football team. jets. just the perennial plus the level three ma'am there you go that you still all non do it baby it counts you know at least they had that for years all these poor eagles fans we've all been suffering it's like Hey you guys want but I wasn't called the Superbowl that it doesn't count will it ever championships doesn't count you know it's a real it doesn't count jets like a we got Superbowl three baby we got one it's. it still counts yeah it's been forever fills. it's about time you want something maybe have like a positive win record for the first time since two thousand nine you know maybe that would be something nice to see Luke fall can't going to help with that is the third string quarterback you starting against the eagles this week he is going to get destroyed in this game jets are running the ball all the time by the way the eagles are great run defense Luke Falk if. I don't even know if he's practicing or if he's just praying the rosary all week I mean what he's going to do. it doesn't matter that the entire secondaries hurt it really doesn't. he doesn't have anybody to really throw the ball to how do you get big plays other gonna have long drives they're not the eagles are going to crush the jets it's going to be a great party and this is one of those games that when you're talking about how did the eagles prove that they're a Super Bowl team ruff loss to the falcons rough loss to the lions what makes them elite what can get them on track for the one seed in the NFC. eating the snot out of Luke Falk in the jets is absolutely a path to do that thirty five to three you know forty two to seven ten if if the jets can get ten. I mean it's going to be a disaster for the jets which is great this is good you can ask for from a legal perspective blow these guys out of the water this is a can't lose game and it's all it's it's almost not even the way of you just can't lose this one but it's almost like I don't even know how it's possible loose. we've seen them have so many injuries I don't know how you can lose this game it would take like if the entire offensive line got hurt and then suddenly Dallas Goddard was like your left tackle okay yeah maybe maybe where it is situation where the eagles could lose that game but outside of that I don't see it I just don't see it I mean every conceivable thing about this game just screams at me that there's no way the eagles lose this one I feel great about it but you tell me eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four pal nine four nine four in part I would just love to hear that one person there's got to be. this is such a confidence city like if you come out and say I'm not sure the eagles are gonna win this one people like how dare you you know it's not even like well you're a sweet but it's like out there you say so negatively about the eagles I wonder what it would take for one person whoever that person is that's like I don't know about the jets man I don't know it I'm just tell you some softer gonna do it like I don't I don't know who that is or how you could feel that way there's someone out there I would love to hear from you because I I just can't see it eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine four will get into the Phillies in a minute as this disaster just it continues run day what day five day six of the Kapler crisis and it's just it's uglier by the day at this point do cappers got to be back that's the only thing I can make out of this cave cappers gotta be back there's going to be more on that in a minute but first let's talk to Debbie in Glenside who has a bad neighbor Debbie tell me about it Hey how you doing so a couple years ago I lived in an apartment in Glenside I had a neighbor go over with the bears used to walk around with a hooded rat on the shoulder but that's not it wait wait wait wait wait don't know know that that is it well. and compared to the sale hooded rat yeah what is that. like right so use of psychology classes or to teach to study convey their smart rats and you can train them to do things I didn't psychology class in college okay I yeah I just Google the hooded red at first I thought of a rat like literally wearing a hoodie knows like waiting around us. I like that. yes anyway okay yeah so you do what else is there to. is that a boyfriend one day she just Wallace stuff not only window she was on the front second floor we were on the first and that's not the bad part. no that's not. because like that's one of those things that moment of of Sony be like. I I honestly I didn't know if that ever happened if that was just the movies that's amazing. and things. finally the capital of it all okay that one day she got so pissed. one nine one the band apparently she tried to move that stuff from the bed to the bathtub good she realized which I didn't know I was laying in bed trying to take a nap and I see smoke. you know nothing like a fire. only. and so some of the files she she literally burnt. the first the second floor most me down we had to evacuate live up with our neighbors for like two months. they enable. thank you for that. mobile. what. you are the dumbest person on the planet to get somebody's clothes is mad as your I. aid mad mad this can do terrible things but when you were so mad that you put clothes on your own bed by the way yeah I mean if they're living with this guy you're on the same bed he throws clothes on our own bed and sets them on fire and doesn't think. maybe this is a bad idea right like this that's a lot of time the time in between getting close picking him up you gotta figure it's a lot of clothes you get a couple of batches in one drawer you open the drawer out you know you're throwing it on and then you get the gas or if you just put a match straight on the mattress I'm not an expert in setting mattresses on fire so. what is the craziest thing I've burned you know I was in a lot of kids are pyros I didn't have a big pyro phase I was around pyros you know but that when I was a teenager like the best thing I I set on fire well this is fun when I wasn't there's two things one this is a simple one but it was very cathartic we burned all of our notebooks from school notebooks textbooks last days school me a bunch of my buddies we got together had a big bonfire to barbecue classic book burning right yeah it was a classic though the better the bird it's a box right. I don't need to raid so I burned all my school books and that was great then another time I when I was in college me and my roommates had like an incredibly unhealthy obsession with FIFA like we played FIFA I think it was the four eleven feet the ten we played it nonstop for months like we had guys that wouldn't talk to each other for a day or two after a FIFA game went bad and we did that was half of my college life we just played fever and so at the end in the same way with the school books we burned FIFA we're just like we can't do this anymore we need to set people on fire we need to end this and that's what we did that so we closed out college I know I'm such a fun guy so so that was me with but do you ever burn anything like interesting. the first thing that comes to mind I was at a party before wing ball a couple years ago. and it was it was rape of it was. twenty seventeen cells before the eagles won the Superbowl someone burned and Nelsen Adelard Jersey oh sure enough he came back the next year with a different number new mind set. at eight hundred receiving yards hundred yards in the Superbowl and was was pretty serviceable wow so if you want to play to get better you just burn their Jersey I think that's the answer exactly yeah there's a lot of Jersey burning the goes on I get it I never did that though I never Bernie Jersey I did once it it was a good show I I cut up a blue Sean McCoy Jersey with scissors for like three hours when I was doing a show once that was fun sure that was riveting radio it was still it went well we played a what is it so I think it's like Sheryl Crow the first cut is the deepest and I was like going out yeah I let people vote on it so it's very it was very within the show in the sports radio format baby it's all about format and and I let people vote on what to do with the Jersey was like when we call we had scandal number thirty we decided that I left it up to people we cut to Jersey but that person set their own bed on fire in a building an apartment building it's crazy that's a lot that's a lot to work there yeah I mean it with this person also work walked around the rat on their shoulders. I guess you're getting a character with that to you live with but if that's the biggest tragedy of is when it comes to neighbors. you don't really know until you're settled in you don't like you can ask the person that you're living that you'd like you're buying a house right right that's a two hundred it could be like a two hundred thousand dollar investment you know what I mean like it's a lot of money that some people are put into house even if it's smaller what it means for a person to buy a house I mean.

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