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Possibly go wrong anyway. I'll let that one go for a moment. I think it's interesting. We're taking step but there's another organization I've been in Looking at some of the race it and basically what they doing is Working on intelligent emotion. I for for voice. So they've been specifically working with. PTSD so a lot of war veterans and analyzing the rhythm and tone if they voices this and looking at stress levels and being able to diagnose at what level in pay and also so let's face Semitic events that he changed to treat outbreak and therefore our emotions and muscle tone which affects speech. So they've gone to that level and cowboys's are unique prints just like fingerprints. That's why we use it insecurity sometimes. But they've been able to achieve an eighty nine percent accuracy recei in distinguishing those that have Patriots Day in those that done so. I think that's really interesting. Because whic kind of bridging the communication gap twenty minutes and machines now by introducing the STOLID. Ai And imagine your service desk agent and you've got a customer on the phone that's You know it started off okay. But now they're getting bit frustrated or whatever the case might be your Chapel Body Day you'll Colegio. Ai Collie because they're using.

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