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You're okay and then you had to raskin nut who apparently was injured which we knew but maybe i was mismanaged may be and should've place at a rask considering he was injured and probably got a little ahead of myself there. But there's a ton of things i feel like. This management team did wrong in this series and apparently has been doing so. Yeah i would say he's out this season so i think that these comments were like a desperation claw to try and save his job. And that's my thing. I didn't even i completely forgot that. Thank god he mentioned about to grasp Yeah yeah. I think that plays such a huge. Such a huge factor in the series. I'm not discrediting obviously. Because you know. I do. I want to say the my second team. Maybe they probably are. Because i do enjoy watching them when but I don't know man it's like what did he have a torn off right. The fucking in torn lieberman his hip. I forgot exactly if there was anything else. Involved they're put. That's worth labor much. Yeah and seventy eight months of recovery So he won't be ready. Yeah with lieberman degrees. And i know from experience my shoulder. 'cause i actually had that operated on you're able to live with it. You're able to do things with it whether or not your hips. Different probably is especially considering all your waste probably on it but Yeah labor sox fan. So seventy months specially being in the hip area. That's awful and i got to say to is one of the one of the only players. I like boston and seeing that sucks for him and And something else say. I gotta go. French has really quick. I feel like boston. Fans are so quick to attack to rask. And it's like so when you wash playwright. I feel like he's not one of those goals. It's very flashy. He's not a flurry you know. He's not a hash. Ich you know what i mean. He's not gonna make all these like spiraling stays in the By the rolling pads as he's not gonna make those because he's always in position he's a very position on goaltender very calm he. He's never out of position and when he does get goals scored on him. They squeaked through them. They bounced through him. They take you know what i mean. And so it's like yeah. I like boston. Fans take this sometimes. Not and i'm generalizing. But i feel like that occasionally. Boston fans will sit there and be like all year rascal to get out. Rossi's betrayed needs to leave the team. Because like he's like he's letting in goals and they look bad but because he's not i don't know he's just i don't know i feel like some people want him to be more of like a flashy goals than than he is. You know and. I feel like i've been reading. I'm sorry to interrupt. But i i've been reading some stuff from boston fans and they're just saying like all let rasco or trade rask or whatever and it's like man like why are you saying this. He was carrying Carries usually when he plays you know he. I think he's still one of the top goaltender league when he's not injured right and so it's like to see that and to think that that's the problem instead of especially in this series when you're scoring like you were mentioning you did not have any scoring. Besides their top line. You want to be gone from the organization after all he's done for the team always done for the city and you want him gone and i. I hate defending a bruin right now. But it's like i'm still sour from twenty eleven but i mean come on man get a grip..

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