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I don't need a ten page story to tell me about some kind of book signing just give me a pair whereas if interested i'll call for more information loud them is what i teach really in the ready set. Go speak program is that you have to do. A lotta pictures. In order to get media have to have thick skin. It's not personal it. They don't if they don't like that pitch then try another pitch. Try another pitch on another day. It is timing. A lot of it is timing. A lot of it is the brevity but a lot of them is really looking making sure that you are prepared because you only have one chance to make a first impression so you wanna make sure you're doing that the other thing too. Is that a news release that is actually this newsworthy. Right not just publicity. And this person says i guess a lot of press releases from Political candidates focus on their schedule and they don't bring any news about into the vents. It says i could see these being useful to big organizations where they're are more people you know that report 'em politics however in a one person newsroom. So this is where it really pays attention to know who you're sitting at two and make it more personal if you can the press. The past releases that are most useful are usually bring an interesting person to the community to the forefront are given me really a synopsis of a conference. They don't like propaganda. They're not there to promote you It says i also generic press releases in you know. They don't do anything that houston eric. They don't even covers so one of the things to says it. You know making sure that you know what they have covered. Don't send them something that they just covered so at least while the the the website to see if they've covered anything before because they hate us like we just did a segment on that and then like oh did and so now you looking like praises like will if he did a segment on at least given a different angle. That's really own of it The main thing is that when you're pitching that you they say this over and over again that affects. Listeners affects the readers the majority of the region it affects their audience. They don't care about you. They care about what their audience is looking for The other things that said they're they're looking for For me i do a newsmagazine show so as the handle a little bit different so just like magazines are different from newspapers. You have to know the environment for each medium which is really what publicists. No they know the the environment frees me. He says but i look for anything that has little out of ordinary has a good human interest. Human interest pulled on the heartstrings story. But also look for anything that has to do with diversity so speaking on diversity so there are a lot of different types of Diversity i guess you say medium so if you're trying to reach the african american market maybe you can go on black news dot com which is a a website where you could go to press releases they are you. Could maybe do serious urban do you you know. And there's a whole lineup of their from karen hunters law codes to joe madison if you're looking for And not just black people who work for major stations but there are black stations. Like the black news channel. Which is all you know. Obviously news for for black people They are so you know. Obviously there's black newspapers that In npa nash newspapers publishers association Which is a chain of all the black newspapers and then each city has its own black newspaper. So targeting the african american market than obviously. There's radio too as well..

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