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The wrong way. People are like that. People use, look, I didn't realize at the time when I was calling my shot that it was going to be bulletin board material for Clemson's. I thought it was going to motivate South Carolina to say, okay, yeah, we got some guys that believe in us. No. No, it didn't at all. It got really ugly, really fast. And hats off to Clinton. They play better. I mean, they really should thank me. So Clemson fans, you should really be thanking me. I take it your pick in Georgia tomorrow. On purpose. You know, maybe so. I think Georgia is the best team in college football. They've been the most they've been the best team. I forgot we actually had fans here. And I'd be straight up with you. I appreciate I said Georgia's gonna win the SEC. And I said that there was win or bus this year. They had to do it. They had to complete this whole thing and they've set themselves up to be in that position. I love what Georgia's done defensively offensively as well. They've been explosive sets and Bennett really stepped his game up and he's been clutch for them when they needed him the most. Stetson Ben has either done it with his arm or his leg to get him a crucial first down, or it's continuing to set their team up for points. So let's get inside the game tomorrow because the conventional narrative is obvious Georgia front, Alabama offensive line, Alabama running game. None of those narratives ever mentioned will Anderson or anybody else or by Shawn. Right. But if you had to, if you were appealing to Alabama people, which I know you are give them the secret to winning this game. The secret is stay strong where you're strong at. It was strongest at and don't worry about the run game as much, or the lack thereof, or where your offensive line is that struggles in the previous couple of weeks. I wouldn't worry about that at all. That's not going to be what determines this for me. It's going to be all about Bryce young. Bryce young is your best chance to win this football game. Coming into it, I want to open it up. I want to take shots. I want to be aggressive, offensively, the whole game. I want bright young to lead me. Lead the charge. And if Alabama wants to win this game, Bryce young needs to throw the ball 45 to 50 times. He needs to open it up. We need to cut him loose and just take the shackles off of him and say, let's go do it. And young man, you are the guy to do it for us and defensively, if you can get a turnover too. If you get up on George's, how does Georgia react? You have to be able to take Georgia in a deep water to see if they can swim. That is the mentality, and that's where the focus is is like we can't bat an eye and no matter if George is up or whatever. Alabama still has the belief that they can come back because they've done it before. And Georgia has not been put into pressure cooker where they are thinking about something else late in any game. They've not been in that situation. So you mentioned ray Chung and I'm thinking certainly he's got a quick release. And he's superb. So does that negate what is clearly Georgia strength or how does it negate it? Well, it's really, how do you negate it is the speed in the matchup that you have on the outside? Do you like John metchie versus some of these cornerbacks of Georgia? You like Jameson Williams, match up versus the corners of Georgia. So how do I dictate and make sure I get the matchup that I want first and second down when you know George is going to maybe playing a little bit more man or some of their own concepts, you have to be aggressive at those times. Don't just throw it and wait for third down. No. First down, second down, when those teams are running the football they're trying to establish those things, that is when I want to be the most aggressive in my play calling. And sometimes doing the opposite of that, which is on third down, running the running back draw. Not just throwing the football. So you have to do some different things that George is not prepared for. And can you get just enough yards in the run game to at least keep them a little bit honest because I really want to throw the football, but I have to be able to run it just enough to say that, okay, it's second and 7. It's second and 6. Those will dictate because when you get second and 6 or second and four, defenses will get a lot more vanilla, they're gonna play more man to man coverage in those situations. So that's the matchup that you want and anticipate to get and that is when you're gonna take your shot. So you flip it over to Dan Dan landing and Kirby smart on the Georgia side. They know what they have. They know where they are weak. And they have some weaknesses. How do you overcome that? I mean, what's your game plan from the first play? Well, it's totally different mindset if you're Georgia, Georgia, you're doing what we do. We are the best team. We've been the best team all year long. We don't better I we go out there and dictate and play this game on our terms. We're going to be out more physical than Alabama. We're going to hit them in the mouth and defensively. We're going to fly around until they don't want anymore. And if we can fly around, make a turnover too. And then we really get this thing going in. Georgia is so good because when they get up, they just choke teams out, like UFC style. They just choke them out. They have nothing left, and they run the ball, and they don't care about plenty of the football. They pin you back, and then they pin their airs back defensively and go get you. Talking to Roman Harper here about the game. Roman, sometimes it is a mental game. I'm curious not to spend any time on last week. But what was in total the final drive? What was going on with Alabama? It wasn't pretty. They weren't having any success. I think the crowd played a huge factor in that at auburn..

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