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Money to hospital in Salem, Oregon. Four little people only. Go to channel the officer involved. Shooting suspect hostage taker. A man was killed and the organs of office or not say how many people get to kill them. What led to the shooting of trouble to cover this ending? One under 50 million revelers test It's a staters. He's got a point of Cortez are using return result within just minutes. We'll have a result of maximum 15 minutes machine No machine is required to president will do tests to reopen it as fast as I can say the number of dead worldwide million per cent of the United States President Jo but mostly it's just the first of three several presidential days. Something host Chris Wallace will spend 90 minutes moderating the debate covering Trump's in July. NHS records. Supreme Court Corona virus, the economy the integrity of the election in recent violence case will reserve University in Cleveland can't play host to the debate. Like most events, this election cycle, it will look and feel different. Fewer than 100. People are expected in the debate all including Kate against media security. Health safety locks of hair in the National Guard is simply provide security and police with protests of several New York City residents for Stephen Bayley ballots with returning books, Continual names, addresses all those reporters. SEATBELT mark is for military use report of Legend says If they wonder Whatthe President Trump for presidential election. This's our missions Christmas murdering the first present from Cleveland, Ohio, is using every dirty dealings with an hour long show host of Parkland in L. A dealing with Joshua's. Our folks knew that wasn't one of the things that life is the most anticipated consequential American elections. And now before we've experienced to react real time issues facing personalities are saying, Major boys heard this electric is getting your hand with democracy..

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