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And and you know, maybe one of that the highest compliment I heard the other day a gentleman came up to me says I just find it. So odd Mariano Rivera was like the only Yankee I could never dislike, you know. Just coming from a Red Sox fan that just tells you the type of Merced person that boat was and I think people appreciate it. How he went about his business. He never showed any what he's always humble. I mean, always quiet humble the whole thing. And you don't see everybody be that way. Of course. But I mean, he really seemed like it was something very real. And he was although he was I don't know if he was behind the scenes was he kind of a leader with the other players was he was he definitely alita. What did he stay away from that stuff? No, no. He was a leader us, definitely leader. And he was a leader in the clubhouse who is a leader in the bullpen. And maybe part of my, you know, you think about. Parts of the day that used to make you laugh, you know, when I was a manager. I used to think about, you know, Canoas Elke sitting around Alex, you could hear them laughing all the way something lunchroom, Alex being silly and make everybody laugh, I think about bowl going into Robbie kacoos is office and just needling her, you know, about all kinds of things about faith and politics, and in here, Bobby gets, you know, start to raise his voice at Bo would just be sitting on the couch. And I mean everyone wanted to be around because there was there. He was genuine, and he was relaxed all the time, and he was funny. Well, it's gotta make you proud to manage haven't managed guys like that. I mean, I know it's about winning and you did that too. But it's gotta be nice. When you watch these guys get into the hall of fame. Well, I feel fortunate that was on the same field as these guys, and I was able to compete against these guys. And these guys tell your grandkids about, you know, fortunately, my son got my kids got to see a little bit. But and you know, they got to know the Rivera's 'cause we live basically the same area. But how old is he now your son? He is a junior in high school. So he's been and and you know, because every day I can tell the people this when I would do my show from the stadium, which I did a million times through the years before the big playoff game and before Red Sox games and med games. And everything Joe would be out there with his son. I remember when he was four when he was five when he was six when he was seven I'd watch you guys when I was up in the box doing this show, and you guys, and you'd be out there with them for a long time everyday some from when he was up to your knee you out there. Has he and the only other player that I remember this about was Cecil Fielder with big daddy. He was out the his kid a lot during the ninety s and I watched this kid walk hitting the ball left hand into the seats when he was like twelve years old. Your son was always very good player in baseball player. Yes. Yes. And he's gonna play in college. And he's committed to to f I you and it's fun. I've got to spend a long position does he play shortstop. Okay. He's smarter than I was. He's more. He's got more power. But you know, it was weird. Because you know, we started in the outfield grass wanna hit the ball out of the ballpark. Hit over the fence. I I used to watch that every day. Yeah. Yeah. And we kept moving in. Now, he has to go back to the plate. Summation, and I have to have an screen now. Like, there's no way ever without an screen. You'll kill me. But it's it's it's enjoyable to watch and be a part of it. You know, I watch Cecil Fielder when he used to do it. And it was it was his kid. It was pretty fielder. Who look what he became? He became this big slow. I watched him. He was like twelve years old. He was a big kid at the time. But he was pounding the ball during those those nineties when he was on the team and the only other guy I remember that was your son being out there. I mean every single day you out there doing that. So that must you must be very proud of that. Yes. I am. But you're was slugger at twelve years old. He was he's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. And he was hitting them out in Anaheim. And that's not easy wasn't just like he was in Yankee Stadium. He was in Anaheim hit them out when he was thirteen years old. And I think we're all wearing a little bit of all of that age doing that. Well, thanks for coming on as soon. Thanks very much. I appreciate like. All right. My pleasure. Joe Giradi back after this..

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