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Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast. One. From Corolla one studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla show with Gina grad on news and ball, Brian on sound effects, and now staunchly pro-life. Unless you're a mountain dew drinking GD, J, Callen fan doesn't turn right on red in which case please kill your baby and yourself. Adam corolla. Yeah. Get it on got to get it on a jet get on mandate kid in on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for sharing when love when you tell people about this pod. Good day geographic, grad. Ball. Brian sucks sucks. Okay. I'll go to that sucks. Okay. Sucks heard. You guys did a bang-up job on the show while I was gone. So thank you for that actually do it, it was fun. Well, my pleasure, I have my schedule in front of me because I think I put together about the busiest four and a half days of my life. And I've, I've have some busy days busy week. We've had this conversation before. So this is this is now topping the list I dunno. I told Matt to print out my schedule for last week and into the weekend and beyond. And I and I thought we could go over, and I thought, what you guys think I, I went this half of the show brought to you by four hymns dot com slash Corolla podcast. Stand.

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