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Natalie Pilkington vice president with lifestyles unlimited and Natalie overseas our vendor program if you have a question or comment for Natalie myself on number is eight seven seven seven eleven fifty two eleven eight seven seven seven eleven fifty two eleven or feel free to email me at ask Mike it L. U. I. N. C. dot com that's ask Mike at L. U. I. N. C. dot com so Natalie when we left off we were talking about what it takes to become a vendor with lifestyles unlimited once you pick that back up and maybe also go into the responsibility of anyone what they should do when hiring a vendor or deciding to work with one of our vendors. well yeah that's a great question I think a vendor whether they're in our program or not is good until they're not and their people do they have stuff that goes wrong I haven't fallen contractor I love one time. solid guy other than as well got turned upside down went through a divorce and he just he now he's gone down really quick on the with that being said it anytime you're hiring any vendor whether they're in our program or not all we run your business it is a business your diligence guitar award a contract understand I am wind understand cost per hour if it's a professional don't expect things for free run it like a business and have that conversation with them and put it in writing everything in writing contracts and change orders I just I can't stress that enough and that's the question and if you're not familiar with build on what to do going by what the average cost of a you know like they say something what the average cost of but if they you know they can get a ball park on pricing or reach out the lifestyle then we can help you on a few things just to give you ideas of questions to ask like is it priced appeared of that matter or is it the warranty or what are we looking at when we're talking about foundation alright things you need to do your diligent run your business. right in in in a big part is our vendors are there to help they really enjoy helping and it's just part of the bigger lifestyles unlimited model we're all here to give back in and help one another but you're right if it's not in writing I would say if it's not in writing it didn't happen so it's not real it everything needs to be in right on. and we've got more doors go ahead. one would think it's turned around is betting our vendors we don't that vendor you are the business on our Boettcher vendor so you need to make sure now most of our vendors are are good guys you can go read comments you can see on the housing rating system on the L. you into Bender dot com web page you can go there and you can see what other members experiences the band but walked were growing and helping you mentoring bring your business we're also hoping the contractors all helping other people grow their business and they go through growing pains they they have other issues that come out so we just try and and if there is anything that's going on trying out the communication be better and get the job finished so that's that's really I think that the biggest picture of everything don't just take it back be in your business and expect somebody else to run it because our vendor of lifestyle or because the referred from a friend or because they they were advertising on a different service or something always do your diligence and run your best. right right I think we're kind of go in there with mentors if there is a problem or any kind of concern always reach out even if they're not a vendor of lifestyle I'm help members get money back but did you have a credit card what did you do how did you do this what do you have in writing here's what you do yeah how you resolve and call the issue that just because we sing a lot so it's a good thing. right we're not we're not telling lifestyles unlimited members that you have to be. legal experts are construction experts or experts in lending programs we've got mentors that will answer questions and our vendor list is essentially to list really said Hey these are folks that we have used in the past and you can read the comments you can go to the vendor there's the vendor break out on the website as a member you can go there and you can read the comments of the experiences from other members and that's that's helped me a lot in fact it's been invaluable and so you're about to hire somebody you want to see what other people's experiences are with them but at the at the same time I think our vendors really strive to go above and beyond and do a great job so that they do get that good rating or that good comment on on our web page. yeah Sir Ian on it. I think that the ability of. right everything is as we are diligent I mean it's it's business everything is business and don't don't get lackadaisical and it's basically the bottom line. right right run it it's a business so Natalie I understand change gears a little bit that we've got a big announcement we just signed a pretty large vendor nationally to our program do you want to share the news with our listeners on that. I'm so excited I've been working hard I'm growing national for the national.

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