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We touch upon the novice chases. Certainly saguaro harder be the light that you would think about having to tell them on the back of one run and we'll go into more detail on that next week. A two mile novice chase win. So let's go for the three mile round advisory. William Mullins doing Willy Mullins thinks. Back to the other bars. Back to the potato race. I'm interested in Gordon's father. He has talked about how he'll need to prove that he handles good ground, but he did win on good yielding ground thoroughness. And I like this performance at Christmas for all that it was on soft heavy ground. And I want to take a swing at something that's a bit of value in this race. And he's representing that around tens. And obviously it's form was given a boost by let's be clear about to came on both of them in a week and obviously made the next time, but E interested me to be honest I'm sure I was just looking for you, chat and it seems like he's been handed the exact same bar is Irish mark to say mark one four one. So maybe it'd be another one would be considered for the mountain pipers. Well, Gordon did say that in his recent press day that Jaden's town do like a novice drop him back in trip from greater company to take a few boxes on the trends front there for the Martin biographer. He both won the Martin pipe for the mighty gigs. So yeah, that could definitely be a route. In fact, it's probably the route they will take given the market. Strong gun data in this race obviously got three car brags and I really nice also the other give him a good chance on soft ground, but I do think the shape also probably much better on the test and service. Is to jump from grace on his second start and the only time he in the fork and obviously he was just behind the margin. The horse of JP and Willie's queue and that was the one day when his jump and wasn't perhaps the same level. Obviously on the line through in the park and so I think all room well. I think that was a strong bit of form early finished influence of stablemates absolute notions and since then he's been in Spanish Harlem easily under a really good ride I thought from the age of asking that they both speak our bug and absolute notions will benefit from going up in trip, I think. just that it's just the ground with three car brag. It's just a little bit of a concern for me. I would have been if I then fairly high off the list now if it would have been soft ground. Yeah, I would concur with that. Ground would be the major factor with three crab brag who also has the Martin pipe as a potential engagement. I haven't checked this is Mark, but I would say that was unlikely because. The must need max macneil that must be able to turn so light to run the races and when aging can ride them if possible, I always get the feeling. I'd be surprised if he didn't run in the Alba bars. On the Hermes island form that was really disappointing at the dozen racing festival from we've all been caught but it was clearly there's a couple of things about that clearly wasn't his true form. Secondly, there was an interview with Nigel Tristan Davis done on the day by Brian gleason 40. And I'd forgotten just how disinterested Nigel Justin Davis is when it comes to interviews. He just didn't really want to be engaging. And even when he came on Nick luck show, look on Sunday to wish Tom's good and more well in retirement. He just gives short, very quick to the point answers. But he did Brian did get out of him that he didn't really want to be at the Dublin racing festival. It was the owners that wanted to go. He wanted to go straight to Shelton. Yeah, thank you. I think he was a run in the I think either reposed rock my way, to be honest, classic novice hurdle. If he would have run on trials, I think that was he was entered at the end and I think it was the oven is to push to go to the one race festival. Obviously, if you can forgive him that ruin, you could easily bounce back. He just needs to settle a bit quite keen in his races. So although he strikes the horse who's desperate for three miles. To run style, maybe isn't conducive to that. At this stage, it was clear. He just looks like he needs to relax a little bit in his racism, as I mentioned. The festival and the preliminaries and things and get imposed of probably wouldn't help. We've all been cooked to the mountain and going off quite. Hard influence, which will be difficult in the race like this. Yeah, and it was a great ride for Michael, Michael Sullivan, on good land. Because you could see that Sam desperately wanted help up front and Michael was just like, yeah, on your go, kid. You can pull it hard, do you want it? I'm not going to help you. There was a terrific ride from Michael Sullivan that day. Yeah, there's a big question mark about him now. But you are getting compensated. Not as much as we were, he'd been pushed out to I think close enough to 33, at least 25, he's come into 20s now. But I wouldn't, I wouldn't dismiss him. That form is still there. And it was one off day, but he is very, very keen. My pick right now will be fibroid de chambre. I do like hidden value Lake a lot. And I'm looking forward to talking to Henry bromhead about him. Corky was really good winning by 8 lengths. And then the last day against his stable companion Monty star, when he was an odds on favorite, look, he's having to concede the penalty. Ground probably wasn't ideal for him and the pace of the race didn't really set up in the way that you would have liked either. I don't think he lost anything at defeat there. I agree. I would expect him. Two nice old going forward about probably expecting hidden value late soon enough for him around on battleground. I think a strongly run race will see him. He looks like he has plenty of stomach. Yeah, I could see him puts in one of an improved effort definitely. There's another one earlier in the year that I like when obviously you're going to perform with three car brag finished behind him and a few Muhammad and I go away, came out one over two 5. I punches town. Didn't really seem to have any excuse behind goodland. And I didn't think in the LAC where he separated again to go on his absolute notions and cool survivor, both who caught the ice day and unlocked to be finishing. More strongly. And he was maybe the little bit more patiently and with a little bit more restraint would help sandor plug in this time to say earlier on he had looked. He'd look to promise and say panelists, but they as well. Like you are definitely total the sham dude on my shoulders, but I would think given that he's been given the same mark, I would think that I'd be surprised if he didn't go down the mountain paper now. Yeah, and it's because of that my allegiance fully to hidden valley Lake with a note of respect for we've all been caught. Do we know is rock my way going to go for this race instead of the ballymore? He'd have to be interesting. No, he's only in. Yeah, you're right. He's been taking office. Well, he would have to be of interest then, because there was no fluke about that defeat of pembroke the last day. I was really good. In other words, winners are winners of those earlier season grade to the cheltenham.

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