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I'm John Baxter. This is the John Baxter show. Welcome. Jon Katz. Material of the Cats round table, his conversation with officials and citizens of New York these last hours at Cat's Roundtable that broadcast simultaneously in New York, on Salem Network and also on W A. B. C. The subject matter is upsetting. But those of us who live in Manhattan are ready to face it. Which is the apparent deterioration of the city, especially order during the time of the virus, the city for those who are not here. Is still largely shut down. There's reluctance to return the restaurants do not permit dining inside, but most importantly, security, John a. Very good evening to you your conversation tonight with Deputy Commissioner Miller. Centered on the trouble's on the Upper West Side, a part of the city that is highly desirable. Once upon a time before the virus. There was also a shooting. A murder in front of the whole foods in Harlem and Harlem in the upper West Side are integrated together these many decades of great success. What I learned from your conversation with Mr Miller with Deputy Commissioner Miller is that the city has made it impossible for a balance on the Upper West side because People. Young men, especially who are chemical dependent drug addicted have been put into hotels without adequate services. And suddenly the upper West Side is a place for drug dealers to do business is overwhelmed the neighborhood. Did. Deputy Commissioner offer a remedy for this, John to your ears? Good evening to you. How you John, and we're all very, very much concerned about our city that we all love. You got to remember that New York City was the safest city in the world up to December 31, then that the new laws that the politicians put in place and they took 10,000 prisoners from Rikers Island and put him in the streets of New York put 7000 of them in the cities in New York, the other very significant. I am that you are people should know about our citizens Rudy Giuliani sector Media Day He had 30,000 mentally ill in the hospital's during his administration. Right now. We have 3000. Those people need help. Instead of helping him. We throw on a city in the streets of this city in New York, Tio. It's a problem all New York City finishes I grew up on the Westside. I loved the first sight and I had, I think muffins on the Radio with us. She represents 13,000 Westside liberals that have ah, that has connected together. And it would become a team to to talk about the West side and talk about safety in the West side, and they 99% of them. Voted for glad Geo and they feel that Ah, they will lie to that. And they're not going to make that mistake again s Oh, I You know, I think whether you're Democrat Republican, it doesn't matter. We want safe streets. And I think that's so important. Um, we got to put the criminals that that you are using guns and the criminals. They're using knives and terrorizing our neighborhoods. They belong back in in the writers now commissioned, Miller made an observation. Let the lawyers remember under Blomberg gives a lower that if you've got creating a crime with a gun You go to jail for a minimum of one year, the commissioner says. Well, that Lord still is in effect, except the district attorney's on not prosecuting. In addition, under the new law that you're supposed to let him out on bail. You know anybody that committing a crime with a gun when you end up giving of Ah parking ticket just about a G. Whatever they call it. Daddy's gonna come back to court to say I'm coming back to court to serve by one year in prison. You know you make no no, I I'm especially keen for this weekend, John. The NYPD is concerned because there's generally a spike in holiday weekends. They're finding money in the budget that they do have for overtime. But that shooting in Haarlem warns us what could happen on the Upper West Side. I note that commissioner talked about how the judges and the prosecutors there, not helping because they turn quality of life crimes free. The quality of life enforcement was the way Rooney, Julie I and his police commissioner's tamed the West Side. If you were committing a quality of life crime, you were probably alienated from the community around you, and taking you off the street or depriving you of your freedom was a way of assuring safety That's not now happening, John. In other words, what's happened is all the windows on the Upper West Side are allowing to be broken. They're not stopping it anymore. Well, remember the movie? I think those 13,000 New Yorkers if she described herself as a Westside, right, Democratic, Jewish liberal and going to their windows. Remember the movie opening up the windows man yelling out? We're mad as hell and we can't take it anymore, right? And you know, we've got to make our streets safe again. On one answer was well, it's not gonna happen, so we elect the new mayor in November of 21. And nobody likes that. We also had. Sergeant Mullins represents a sergeant's association on the shoulder. And he says, Well, you know, my men are getting disgusted. Ah, so what's the solution? Ah New York City wants money from the federal government. From Donald Trump. You know, Donald Trump is a businessman, you know, is the most not the most popular guy in New York..

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