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Good evening at eleven forty I'm. Bob Heussler baseball on break for the next few days the center of the. Baseball universes the, nation's capital which is where the homerun derby took place tonight the hometown, fans got exactly what they wanted Bryce Harper put on a show each rail the cubs. Kyle Schwarzer by nine. Home runs heading into the final, ninety seconds of the final round at. Harper caught fire he hit nine straight home runs and one with a home run in extra time so he is the. Home run derby champion in his hometown tomorrow night in DC the game itself Jacob degrom is. Going to pitch you that game he's the Mets. Only all star in today's future as admit, called into question his Asian said? If, the. Mets are, not interested in signing to a long term contract they should trade him now Rob, talk with the MLB network about this lost Mets season year of injuries, and what we had. Plans I've really enjoyed my time there and. That's all I know I love pitching there and I would like to be there for a long time I think It's up to them what they wanna do. Is under contract to the Mets through the twenty twenty season he'll be the second pitcher, into the game tomorrow night max Scherzer. Starts for the National League the garage next regular season. Star will be against the Yankees, who have four all stars Aaron judge in the starting lineup tomorrow batting six quickly becoming one of the faces. Of baseball No you go around this whole team. And each player is basically the face of the game face of their franchise base their, team and it's quite an honor but. It's it comes with this is part of the job Positive role model and kids The right things to do on and off the field that audio. Courtesy of the MLB network one of judges teammates Luis Severino will be the second pitcher into the. Game for the American League Chris sale is starting pitcher jets today waved, a former second round draft, pick they, release wide receiver Devon. Smith the, Knicks, way forward Tori Williams five.

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