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Demand gin game the ad council a former aide to president trump may soon be allowed to come and go as he pleases while awaiting trial president trump's former campaign advisor paul manafort one step closer to being released from house arrest after paying ten million dollars bond a federal judge says barring a paperwork issue she will allow manafort release from his home in virginia where he's been since his arrest october 30th manafort an associate rate gates pace several felony charges brought by special counsel robert muller which stem from their political consulting work in ukraine the judge will allow manafort to good was home in florida and come and go while he awaits trial he will continue to be monitored via gps in we'll have a curfew lee sylla sarah fox news the president's who see your railroad giant csx has died the company says hunter harrison's death was caused by severe complications from a recent illness he was seventy three colleagues chicago crime a quiet genocide in the city's black community cook county commissioner richard boy pins getting the un involved president donald trump has been criticised at the suggestion the national guard could keep lawabiding citizens in chicago's crimeridden neighborhoods safe now there's a call for un peacekeeping troops to combat crime already six hundred people killed by gun violence the cher eighty percent plus our african americans often killed at the hands of another african american so what we're talking about is peacebuilding initiatives cook county commissioner richard boycotted says chicago officials have failed to keep people safe he met with un officials this week no word on how they'll get involved jeff manama so fox news.

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