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But it just didn't seem like he was particularly comfortable for about the first fifteen minutes of that game. But quarters to through overtime. I thought that he was great. What are the numbers say? You looked about as rattles you can look at playoff game. Just it seemed like the moment was getting them there in that first quarter. But then settled down he made some throws down the stretch. The one throw it made off the play action with the guy bearing right down on. Tyler Hagi was fantastic. I mean, just the building to get the ball out as quickly as he did make some throws. He was taking hits and put it on the money. He really. Yep. Played through brief down in the third quarter, fourth quarter and overtime. That was the difference in the game. With the fact that you're golf, basically stopped missing throws. And that second half the football game four for four for Greg's airline, including a forty eight yarder towards the end of regulation to send it in overtime. And then just an absolute bomb a fifty seven yarder to win it and send the Rams to the Super Bowl as far as kicking performances. Go can it be any better than that? Now. I think that was one of the it's not the most clutch king performance of all time. The fifty seven yarder would have been good from lady seventy. I mean, nothing was coming into the net. When it got there. One of the most questions of all time because you think he misses that you give them the ball at the field. They need one or two first downs and the game's over the other way. So if he misses that that is, you know, basically win-loss right there on his leg. So that was probably the best one since Mason Crosby when he did similar saying gets the Cowboys if years back the band that was a nasty nasty kicking performance Fifty-seven yards to win the game. Mike, Renner pro football. Single Monday after all the Rams games gave us a preview next week. And of course, we'll talk to him after the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Thanks, mike. Thanks. All right key, it I mean, what is it like what? Because it looked the kicker is the kicker, right? And and you guys are out there bleeding and sweating and getting broken bones and everything else in the kicker is the kicker when a guy delivers a performance like zero line does that has like, it's unbelievable. Liking he'd come sit next to me. No. When they missed you say damn kickers. Not that time. No, I'm like, hey, let's go to the club. You're gonna you're gonna buy you're going to sponsor the and then when he walks into club and all the girls around like who is that. I say that's the owner, son. He owns the team. He's going to inherit the team pops pass away you gonna take care of him. Right. There was a ton of stuff going on yesterday. We talked about golf we talked about girly. But there was another huge piece that the Rams got done yesterday will tell you what it is next..

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