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That mean for us today call it said not moving anywhere just does just offshore. It is managing to throw some precipitation inland, at least across the south shore of the cave. We just heard Kevin described areas where it's raining in some cases, a little wet snow. Nothing substantial, nothing major, but certainly we are going to be looking at what whether in those areas For the afternoon hours elsewhere clouds that a few sunny breaks little more than a sprint course so furry today's high of the upper thirties and we stay mostly cloudy. Then throughout most of the area tonight and tomorrow still flourishes Sprinkles once again, though more in the way of precipitation little more substantial on the south shore of the cave load Tonight, 32 of the city been twenties of the western suburbs, Tamar site much like today. The upper thirties. I think that's sort of finally moves away. Later tomorrow. Jabbar died to the point where we have Dr where they're pretty much all areas Wednesday and Thursday and makes the clouds aside a high of 35 to 40 each day and dry weather likely to continue on Friday. Mackey weather meteorologist Barson WBZ Boston's news radio. Thanks, Bob Watching the radar right now. We had that wet snow that was Kind of falling across parts of bristle Implement counties just north of 4, 95 and 1 95. It looks like actually right now. Ah, lot of that is turning over to rain. We're seeing temperatures in the mid to upper thirties now across much of southeastern Mass and again, just those showers from time to time west of town. It's cloudy and Grafton and 37 north of town. 36 in Beverly. Right now, in Boston, 12 26 just 36 degrees and here's New England business. Charles River Laboratories announced an acquisition the Wilmington based company California based distributed Bio and Antibody Discovery Company for $83 Million booking holdings could see a solid recovery in 2021 Bloomberg intelligence has pent.

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