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Step we. Unfortunately, there was the holding penalty that negated the touchdown going into the half. But him as a runner has been really, really electric, and he's been fine, able to find open receivers in tight windows against the very, very talented I was state defense. Anthony Brown couple of rushing touchdowns in the first half. 62 from New Jersey grad transferred from B. C. It's a pass on the first plane. It is caught Jalen running across her out to the 45 yard line and tackle that the 49 yard line by ice seem young and 19 Yard Pass. Plato Open up the third. And that's that third part of that triple option that John Hancock mentioned really this how this Oregon offense operates, burst in 10 ducks, Brown play faking a roll to the right looking downfield floats one right side like coming back to get it and not able to hang on to it out of bounds. So we'll be Michael Pittman. Whitman claps his hands in a little bit of discussed that he had a chance to come back. And now that one incomplete it'll be second down in 10. He's been the most successful receiver for Oregon today. But like I mentioned the triple option aspect of this organ offense, it's not the classic triple option. It's a zone read, where he can hand the ball off to the running back. Keep it and run it himself for the third option, which makes it unique is the throwing aspect and that's what he had in two clays ago. Second down a 10 give to Travis Die on the left. Tash able to push the pile up about four yards before Jake Humble took him down just across midfield here in the opening minute of play in the first in the third quarter. Outside of Travis Die having won 23 yard long run early in the first quarter. Theo, Iowa State Rush defense that is top 10 in all of college football has held that Oregon rushing attack in check, and that's where Oregon now doesn't have a response. They're playing left handed. Travis die the starting running back with CJ Verdell missing a second straight third and six play. It's a quick pass out to read on the right, look to tunnel screen and turn but the Iowa state defense rallies and knocks him down for a loss. Mike rose leading the way and it's fourth down Way talk to Joe Morehead, offensive coordinator at Oregon. He said that Migros has got that long, curly hair coming out of the back of his helmet, and he plays like every one of those hairs are on fire. That was a pretty good description for how microbes plays football. He is wide open. We're finally gonna set it. See a punter here this afternoon. I was rare, right? First half. I don't like you saw anybody in that first half. Tariq Milton is back here. Sneeze punt from left to right, gets it off under a little bit of pressure. Milton will let this one bouncing. It goes well into the end zone on the O of Oregon for a touchback. So the Iowa state defense, forcing a punt. And we will see the Cyclones on the offensive end after the time out, 13 03 to go in the third Iowa State 28, Oregon 17 year, listening to the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Mike Greenberg greeting. So if you're James Harden, Do you feel like you've acted like a leader? Do you feel lift by not showing up to your team's training camp the last couple of weeks because you were in Atlanta going a little baby's birthday party and then here in a strip club over Christmas, whether you've already had the Corona virus or not, is that what a leader does? Is that what the face of your franchise does? Not with the face of my franchise? Greenie with Mike Greenberg weekdays at noon Eastern on ESPN.

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