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Welcome to your office on Comics. My name is Sarah Century. You might know me as being the host of this podcast. And also we have another host safely how long you might know me as being the other host. And today we're so pumped. We have a special guest who is an integral part of this podcast that you don't always get to hear on the air. But like literally there'd be no podcast without her take a happy to be here Kate Warner. Tell us about yourself. Oh, hi, I am an electronic musician in Denver have a solo project called Mirror fairs and abandoned said I'm in called church fire. I like to Tinker with electronic circuits and I like to plug things hub. Things you want to do more of it, right? Yeah. So I'm in the process of learning all sorts of things like the embedding audio from an HDMI signal and crash machines. I don't know. It's all a bunch of nerdy bulshit. But yeah, you know how to get a new job when the entertainment industry kind of fell apart after covered. So trying to do the thing off which is like wild I have a brother-in-law who is a musician and it's just like by career. We'll see what happens next. Yeah, but so also can't you edit our podcast boss is not the only podcast you are in the works of editing. I don't know how to talk about a project that's not announced yet. There's a project was not announced yet, but he'll also but you're looking for additional package that didn't work. So if people wanted to be in touch or follow you or learn more, what would they what would they do? Yeah. Well if anyone was interested in talking to me about audio editing their podcast birth I believe in original music content or casual sort of consultation work about microphones or had to do remote Zoom recordings or getting high quality of life things from guess with non Pro setups, which is basically all of us. You could hit me up at sound b s for you at like sound bullshit for you at

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