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For great protection and even more savings progressive and that's it. You'll have that for the rest of your lives. I'm so excited for you. Progressive. There's never a bad time for Great protection Progressive casualty insurance company. Oh, when your baby starts to move, they never stop. You need a diaper that can keep up. That's why we created Pampers cruisers. 3 60 bit the only diaper with a 360 degree stretchy waistband. No fidelity tapes or tabs means they're easy to put on in babies have all the stretchy freedom they need to bust their wild moves. Pampers cruisers 3 60 bit with a stretchy waistband clickers have the banner to shop. Now. IR radio goes one on one with Pharrell Williams has he shares his thoughts about pop music past and present pop music changes? You know, when I was a child pop music was the best music you could hear. You know, you'd hear. Madonna, Prince Michael Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder Genesis. Peter Gabriel. You'd hear those records, and they just felt good to you're like I'll never forget. Like Queens. Another one bites the dust used to play on the black stations as well as a pop. Stations in the rock station. So to me, that's just like when music was just so good that like it just broke down partitions, and I think that it is starting to do that again. And I love and come in pop music for that. It's just good to see that, like good music is now floating to the top of like the charts, and that's the way it's always supposed to be. And I'm just glad that pop music is back there, you know, Keep listening. I heart radio for Maura Forell and all of your favorite artists. Hey, Hey. Oh, you understand? My brother's off. What? Pick him up in his face. Cool. Don't let my bro Whoa! Looking every come on a little job. Okay? You look coming looking for blow up. You can't reach me space Klute like E T is the blood's gonna call me. I was up early in the morning on the way of like a grand calling forth back. Go. Could you know my shoe rack broke up in the house right now? That club 10 already into the money. I don't read into some right. I don't rent.

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