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On the air undoing a lot of grass roots pressure on ever Tigers. Can't have that. Daily 'cause. Yeah. This is a great thing for Sanders personally. But he's undermining everybody's efforts to destroy. Fox's ability to sell advertising, and they're really mad Sanders. Set the record. They're mad that more people watched Sanders on FOX than ever watched a democrat townhall on CNN or MSNBC. They can't believe they're living. Bernie a sell out. He selfish. And they're trying to whip up a bunch of anti Bernie Sanders pressure. But what they're really worried about is that every other democrat is now gonna want in on this and mayor Pete, hey, come on come on my husband, and I would love to kiss each other on facts man, that would be great. When we go into a town hall, an Eric swale Welby right behind him and the rest of the democrat parade. I wanna kiss my husband and FOX to oh that would be a wonderful, and they're livid and paranoid. That their own Democrats are going to undercut their effort to destroy FOX financial. Ability there. Couple other aspects of this thing as as well. Some of them are saying. To support their contention at Bernie's being selfish. There isn't anybody watching. It's going to change their mind vote for Bernie, nobody watching this is the Fox News audience. Then I'm gonna watch Bernie townhall said, hey, Bernie's good guy. I'm gonna that isn't going to happen. Bernie's wasting his time. The all he's doing is helped mainstream and humanized FOX. It's one of the reasons why whenever there have been decent profiles of me. The left goes nuts. They can't stand that. I would be humanized because their efforts have been for thirty years to dehumanize me to make me some gigantic bogeyman, or what have the same thing that's happening here with FOX. So for all of you fucks fans who live here in what's happening. You think they're selling out? They may be I don't know. But at the same time there are benefits accruing to them financially. For this. And it's turning a bunch of left-wing donors and activists against crazy Bernie at the same time. So just a few additional things to put in a hopper for you to consider. We'll be back..

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