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The worst end of the championship brought Tim Floyd had no players and no chance when he took over after the bulls six championship he said on the radio this week that in nineteen ninety six after the bulls and one number four he had a meeting with Jerry Reinsdorf who told him that Jerry Krause wanted to tear it down right then and there Floyd said he talked Reinsdorf out of it said you don't want to be the one who broke up the Beatles so Tim says he's taking credit for the titles in ninety seven and ninety eight Hey do you want something because they didn't do so well when he was on the bench but that it certainly wasn't his fault we had a lot of fun with Tim Floyd when he was in town a great guy and a pretty good basketball coach too although he didn't really really get a chance to show that offer the bulls no no it's still just doesn't make much sense to me I get it and I understand sometimes you want to feel like you're the big dog and change things around but when you have the greatest the greatest person ever do whatever he does at their profession in Michael Jordan find a way to keep things going way more championships and just let the chips fall where they may it's still a big question mark in my head I want to try to break all this up man he goes he goes that's why I let you lead I'm just the guy in the backseat yeah that should sure that's true you know we've all heard about baseball's Arizona plan about the Arizona Florida plant commissioner rob Manfred said today we don't have any plans we just have ideas but there is a new one floating around.

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